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Watch how to make bell peppers stuffed with rice and textured vegetable protein. Baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, this quick-and-easy casserole is a great vegetarian main dish. Make it vegan by leaving out the mozzarella.






RC says:

Textured vegetable protein? – no thanks

infinitywon says:

I didn't have the textured vegetable protein so I used celery, carrots and mushrooms.  Threw in some Italian seasoning as well….nom nom.  Thanks for sharing.

Lucy Mendoza says:

I am making this tomorrow!

Abel Ricardo says:

Does it have to be a green bell pepper or any kind of bell pepper

Cannon Fodder says:

Put an ad for Burger King ahead of a video for vegetarian stuffed peppers. Advertising the Google way…

veggieguurl says:

Oh, i didnt know Vegetarians could eat, Cheese.. Something that comes from an animal

vampireAM says:


Allrecipes says:

Thank you for the question. The ingredient added after the onions is textured vegetable protein. You should be able to find it in most health grocery stores or even order on line. Enjoy!

Madhumitha Ravi says:

whats that u added after onion…..
n where can i get it ??

Mekesha P. W. says:

Could you post a vid to explain how to wash the rice properly? Thanks

Harsha P says:

u must learn how to wash rice !!

THP says:

Yum these look amazing! Definitely a great recipe to have!

xo @TheHotPlate1

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