Seven-Veg Tagine | 5 a Day Dish

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Get your full 5 a day in this veggie spin on Morocco’s best-known dish – Tagine! A slow-cooked stew made with beautiful spice infused veggies, served over some nutty-tasting couscous. This dish is guaranteed to get your taste-buds tingling!

Check out for more super healthy 5 a day recipes.

Check out for more super healthy 5 a day recipes and get the Seven-Veg Tagine here:

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Yahya Elouerrak says:

it's a fake couscous hahaha

Kim Mc says:

Just post the dang recipe. I don't want to click at the fricken links. The song is drop tho

Yzabel Braun says:

couscous aux 7 légumes, pas tagine

O. Z says:

Stopped watching at vegetable stock.

angeliqueinhollywood says:

Oh my! What a visual feast. Makes me hungry.

dan cole says:

Saffron? He's really lost touch with his audience

Kim Mc says:

Who sings this song?

rebuiltcarpet says:

what was the purple stuff put on at the end of the video?

Amber Kelley says:

I am loving the gorgeous colors in this recipe! Great video! 🙂

Stephan Asdf says:

Another load of garbage – 5 portions of fruit/veg a day! Just makes you shit more innit. Just like drinking litres of water has no health benefits except makes you piss more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lore30101 says:

More vegan recipes please 😉😘

Daniel says:

Biting on ginger and whole coriander seeds while eating. Srsly, what a shit ass recipe

MrBfg586 says:

Good lord this comment section. So sad people aren't willing to try new things.

eurabio says:

Chickpeas from a can? Come on.

kiki d says:

This looks delicious 😋

AFZT says:

excelentes platillos.m…….

SavageArfad says:

Ah Mr. Oliver at it again, a chancer but really good at it!!!!

Fu Talks says:

This looks amazing!

imane bahassine says:

i'm from morocco and this dish is familiar to me we name it couscous it'st have 7 vegies and meat and samolina (couscous ) and we eat it every friday at lunch with family it's totally delicious

MarkusBiersack says:

Seven-Veg Tagine or How to cook every random vegetable you've got lying around in a pan and throw them over some couscous.

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