Vegan Lasagne Recipe

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A delicious homemade vegan lasagne recipe ready in a flash using mushrooms and peppers as the base, but you could switch it up with other vegetables. We also use gluten and egg free pasta sheets, make a vegan bechemal sauce and top with vegan cheese, it’s truly yummy! Subscribe for regular videos & press the bell button so you are notified of all new videos

Full recipe / write up

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Barry Lewis says:

Wanna try this? Head here for steps and info
Want more vegan / vegetarian recipes ideas? Check this playlist

aburgosneely says:

Ok I'm sold. I'm subscribing right this minute. Liken, favoring, watching later and playlist all that good stuff. I love your videos. Thank you so much from a newly born vegan.

creative508 says:

looks YUMM 👌👌

Yoyo says:

4:12 on his right ear there’s flour on it 😂😂

AlmightyAphrodite says:

Loving this, but i would use regular or fresh lasagnasheets and real cheese. Im really not a fan of the way the vegan options taste…

Charlette Nielsen says:

Wow! Just finished making and eating this! Absolutely delicious, what an awesome recipe, so easy to make and amazing flavour. The only difference I had was I opted for nutritional yeast instead of vegan cheese and it worked a charm, this recipe has the approval of two very happy vegans here!

Shortbread Head says:

Bitch lasagne. Feed this to T series

Theresa Plaisance says:

Love the flour on your ear 😁

Tia says:

What other vegetables would people recommend with this? I love carrots and peppers but I really can't stand mushrooms..

Natalie Wass says:

Cheese is never supposed to resemble coconut WTF not acceptable

Amanda Ramos says:

But I don't have celiac disease can u use normal pasta

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

It’s amazing how vegan food is crafted and created a different way but still reaches the same or similar results as cooking it traditionally without animal cruelty and better for health and environment. I love learning and watching vegan recipes! Thank you!

The Creeper says:

Tap water isn't vegan.

H M says:

I would LOOOOOOOVEEEE more vegan and vegeterian recipes. I’m vegeterian and looking for more good recipes

Andy Cohen says:

lol I've watched two of this guys videos now. Both, he ends up with something on his face LMAO. I like your videos m8!

tea bag says:

nope just nope for me

Kimberleigh Wilson says:

5:51 checkout barry's left ear

Norahs E says:

Hi Barry, nice recipe! I really like that you are trying vegan recipes now😁 I'm not vegan or vegetarian but i like to try everything!! In this video you've really fulfilled my OCD by adding extra lasagna leaves on the sides😂 and I'm wondering if I'm the only person who NEVER EVER EVER check the website for the recipe…? If i don't know how much your adding… ill just put in what i think will work😂😜😀 And ALMOST EVERY TIME i nailed it😁😍 But again thank you for this recipe and i will definitely try this!! Greets to your fam❤

Angle Buck says:

Anyone here from Barry's latest video to check his ear for flour!? 😂

MissMandy666 says:

can anyone please make a recipe without peppers and mushrooms? Please? Please? Tell me I am not the only one who dislikes peppers and mushrooms……. right?

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