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Hello lovely people,
In a couple of days it’s Valentine’s and I wanted to share some recipes that come together to make a delicious menu to treat yourself and/or loved ones to on this day of love. Or, to be honest, on any other day you want to spice up a little extra! You know, every day is a day of love.

Malin x


Music: Epidemic Sounds


syahadah ali says:


Un Known says:

This is the most relaxing video I have ever seen. Barely had most of the ingredients but watched it till the end. So aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Great job.

lolita cholita says:

im eat 3 mushroom

Nancy says:

This is just art, the whole video was beautiful and calming. I've loved it.

Nancy says:

This is just art, the whole video was beautiful and calming. I've loved it.

Jasmin H says:

What a beautiful menu! And so peaceful to watch this video 😍

Carina #sinixtra says:

You are so sweet and beautiful omg!

Barbara Bardzki Löfgren says:

Always beautiful to watch and listen to. Can you put the recipes in grammes rather than cups? Or both?

Jones LeFae says:

Gosh, your videos are really what I aspire to! Your new kitchen looks beautiful! So much light!

Amela tr says:

Hi, can I replace the miso paste?

Shani Valdez says:


You always post such beautiful content, but this to me is one of your best to date. Your music selection, lighting, video editing, etc., is spot on . . . and the food looks absolutely divine. I will definitely incorporate this into my food menu.

Congrats to you and Rob on your new home as well!


Marissa C says:

I’m really feeling these “silent” videos lately!! Thank you for this.

Lucie M says:

I love your videos ! And your food too ! What about ASMR vid next time ?! It would be even more relaxing…!

Mr.BlueBeast says:

This was so beautiful and so soothing to watch. Thank you so much for your effort.

ymb6987 says:

Gorgeous and absolutely looks delicious. Now THIS is ❤️
Malin thanks for sharing😊

Travel Duo says:

Wow! This is such a decadent and great menù.. thank you for the inspiration!

COOK언니네 says:

멋진 요리채널이네요~ 요리공간도 넘 멋지고 썸네일도 인상적입니다^^
So colorful and beautiful cooking channel^^ I enjoyed watching all of your dishes♡

Vincent Vega says:

Kan vara din bästa video nånsin, så mysig och inbjudande. 😍 Måste även fråga vart du köpt dina vackra skålar och tallrikar nånstans? Precis såna jag letat efter ett tag nu!

vegan emmy للطبخ الصحي says:

Welcome my dear friend wonderful 👍👍❤️❤️🌹🌹

Animals are innocent says:

What a gift you are to veganism! Beautiful music, food and filming. 👍💕

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