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Congee (Cantonese jook or Mandarin zhōu) is a typical Chinese breakfast food. It’s a savory rice porridge that can be eaten plain, with a few condiments, or made into a more substantial meal with other foods mixed in. There are versions of this comfort food in many other Asian cultures as well. This isn’t how you would make congee traditionally as I’ve sped things up with the help of my immersion blender. But the result is very similar to the congee that I grew up eating at Hong Kong style cafes in Vancouver. I hope you try it!

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Mike Gillespie says:

Wait what kind of blender is that? New to cooking ..

Lance Wise says:

If you don’t wash the rice, will the congee texture be more like corn grits?

Michelle D says:

Omg so glad I found this video! LOL I've been trying to figure out a better way to break up my rice grains without having to use the wooden rice grinder

Nia Garcia says:

Have been eating congee for the past 3 days based on your recipe and drinking Chrysanthemum tea. Feeling much better – Thanks for the recipe! <3 🙂

stargatefansg1 says:

Thank you so much for this recipe, I will definitely try it now that I own an immersion blender. I have to ask (because it kind of scared me lol), is that your hand in the background at 2:29 or do you have a ghost? 😅

Emily Weir says:

Young green jackfruit makes great fake pork floss. It peels into thin strands just like pork floss. Tear it up and cook it in a dry pan with some spices, or stew it in some vegan stock and then cook it with barbecue sauce.

thelittleburntpotato says:

OMG I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS ASAP!! I didn't know you could just blend the rice ahh my life has changed 😂 I would love to see salt and pepper pork chops (jiao yan pai gu) veganized!!😍 so happy to have found your channel, you're amazing Mary!!

Geekassiet says:

I am a french vegetarian (but i rarely eat eggs or dairy products) and I LOVE your channel. I discovered it friday morning as I was too hung over to do anything else than watching youtube videos. And I think I watched about 20 of yours this day, I'm about 30 so far now. Everything looks so tasty, your reviews are always honests, and I really like the way you film and comment your videos (and, you're funny 😉 )
I need to try so much of your recipes, like the green onion pancakes, the vegan cheeses, the tofu, the burmese tofu, the red bean paste, and this fabulous breakfast. Well I sure love some spices in my meals, and sometimes i just crave for asians flavors… your videos just make me so hungry !
Anyway, i will stop annoying you there, plus, i still have so much to watch ^^
Have a great 2017 year, wish you the best !

sosickhcdrums says:

Omg yes thank you!
I use veggie bouillon, mushroom sauce, aniseed, and shiitake, for a Cantonese style veggie jook w/ chives as garnish!

Susan Noel says:

I grew up eating Hungarian food like goulash, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, chicken paprikash, green bean soup with little chunks of ham in it, etc. If I could find vegan recipes to make these dishes in similar ways I would be so excited!

Rairakku says:

Does it have to be ginger? Can i use lemon?

Being Jeni says:

I would love a vegan version of; spaghetti bolognese- It is something I have eaten since I was a child!

Arleena Frame says:

Just finished making this, it was so fast and easy! And it's really good. Great recipe!!!

ror Sin Ann says:

Can you use vegetable broth instead and not blend the rice ?

Antestor says:

Just made my own version of this (immersion blender and all) for the first time to see what it would turn out like. I'm pretty blown away. Congee almost exactly like my mom makes with less than 1/4 of the cooking time! All these hardcore traditionalists in your comments section makes me guffaw. You know what else some might say isn't proper for jook? The lack of chicken. OMG MARY u forgot the chicken!!1 blasphemy!

.. but seriously, don't put dead body parts in your food please!

Blue Chan says:

OMG this is practically offensive to Chinese tradition… an emersion blender??? And then blending it until it is smooth. That isn't jook. That is rice pudding dear.

Rahmat Television says:

works nice with shredded chicken and fresh boiled eggs👊👊

Karry's Channel says:

Ive tried to make smooth congee like urs but it always end up with chunks of rice
I want my congee to be smooth can it be done without using blender??😞

Tzulalay V says:

Do you have to change some parts of the recipe if you want to add some red lentils? Do you add them along with rice?

Juliz Medina says:

hi, just you devote yourself to develop youtube channel?

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