Get Summer Cookout Ready with Spice-Rubbed Chicken Drumsticks and New England Baked Beans

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Test cook Dan Souza makes host Julia Collin Davison perfect Spice-Rubbed Chicken Drumsticks on the grill. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for Baking Peels. Next, science expert Dan Souza demystifies the science of radiant heat. Finally, test cook Erin McMurrer makes host Bridget Lancaster the ultimate New England Baked Beans.

Get the recipe for Spice-Rubbed Chicken Drumsticks:
Get the recipe for New England Baked Beans:
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MyTruckinLife ACE says:

Get a pizza screen and use the thin metal peal. Sharpen the leading edge of the peal using a concrete surface like a sidewalk to get maximum peal ability.

Joey Suggs says:

These beans are perfect. Sounds weird but I made a double batch and gave containers of it away to friends.

Rad Dad says:

Made these this weekend but smoked them 3 hours over hickory. Finished on grill to crisp up skin. Absolutely delicious ! Thanks ATK!

J Barr says:

Julia's hot for Dan:)

Phillip P says:

Why must you hide the rub recipe from people who watch the video……I'm no signing up for junk mail

Edmond O'Donald says:

OMG, I really am happy to find this baked bean recipe again. I can't wait to make it for my next cook-out!!

Francie Garneau says:

We made this chicken for Easter BBQ , which we have every year in a fairly primitive setting on a beautiful ranch. My son and his girlfriend bought and cooked 90 of these legs! Way to many for 25 people, but I was one of the lucky ones that got to bring leftovers home. I didn't want to eat the chicken leg cold, so I heated in the microwave for 2 mins. at 50% power. It was still juicy and tender. What a wonderful way to cook drumsticks!

clownwacko58 says:

Beans were very bland.

Michele says:

I tried the recipe for the beans yesterday and they were pretty good. A few concerns however: I found that even with a half cup of molasses, they were just a little bit too bitter for me. I also ended up cooking them for 3 and a half hours and though they were tender, I like my beans a little more tender. Other than that, they were very good and I will try the recipe again!

Felix says:

Use corn meal on the wood peal instead of flour

J Moore says:

Both the recipes looked so delicious! I like when you explain why you do the method which really helps me in cooking. The rub could be used to chicken thighs and breasts which we like, thanks!!

Keith Alexander says:

Anybody else misread that as "rubber chicken?"

Ken Hoover says:

Will you do cooking with instant pots?

Arandor Thinnorion says:

How much should you reduce the salt in a recipe that does not assume you have brined the beans?

Rojer Grison says:

Still to much salt being used , I challenge everyone to take a salt holiday for a week , yes food will be bland and not taste very good for that week but once you have cleansed all that excess salt from your body (A) you will feel better and (B) you will begin to to taste food .

cyoohoos says:

The food and pharmaceutical industrial complex is trying to force us to feel as if food is bad unless it’s soaked in salt. That way they can sell us flavorless meat raised in cages and sell us pills to deal with the result of eating super salty food

Longhairbear says:

Love to try this in my rotisserie tumble basket in our vintage Sears Kenmore rotisserie oven that is our backyard go to for various recipes!

fordhouse8b says:

Pizza Craft? Terrible name, sounds to much like piece of crap!

B Callahan says:

Always good, informative. Love the equipment testing.

Jon says:

Why not just scrub off the wall fond with one of the onion halves?

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