How to Make Fish and Chips & Shrimp Burgers

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Test cook Ashley Moore makes host Bridget Lancaster perfect Fish and Chips. Then, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges host Julia Collin Davison to a tasting of hamburger buns. And finally, test cook Christie Morrison makes Julia the ultimate Shrimp Burgers.

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Get the recipe for Shrimp Burgers:
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A J says:

No malt vinegar?

James Goacher says:

There is a Chippy Chain in the UK called Ramsbottom (I think, or something similar). It originated in Yorkshire I think and advertised itself as the best Fish and Chips in the whole off… you get the idea. They then had the chain. I have no idea how good the original was but I have experience of two of the chain and it is the Chippy of choice if you cannot get to anywhere else.

Frtunately I have a good chippy withing walking distance :-). Close enough that they are still hot when I get home and they have excellent chips and cook fish to order.

MMMmyshawarma says:

Trade you, Martins for In and Outs.

Boofy Halfpint says:

Looks so yummy. Would you have ideas on how to do an Air Fryer version of fish and chips?

chemmii says:

You don't throw away that fish oil, save it.!!
I use a half gal mason jar to keep my oils separate
1for fish, 1for chicken,
1for veggies,
1for meats..etc.
High temp oils are way to expensive for one use frying.!!
I also use nothing but
Rice bran oil with a smoke point of 490º F.
Which when on sale, is only 10-11.00 per gallon.
I buy 4 at a time and the shelf life is at least 3 years.!!
Other oils are not that stable.!!

Susan Spaulding says:

LOVE Martin's Potato Rolls !!!!! They are FAB !!!! #AmericasTestKitchen

marcress says:

What? No malt vinegar?

TheSpoonKing says:

Those fries look terrible.

atrinka rac says:

the shrimp burgers are simply spectacular! thanks!

MM27 says:

"halibut will also do"

CoLD says:

Wait, so did they replace the oil or reuse it when refrying the fries/chips after the fish?

whammy3323 says:

One thing I don't like about the taste tests: Since they are based out of Boston, there's a lot of products that aren't available on the West Coast. Yes they gave an alternative, but they always tend to favor East Coast brands — they should take out East/West Coast brands and use brands only everyone can find…

orangej says:

So weird to see all the same chefs (and of course new ones) that i used to watch on the pbs channel every saturday afternoon when i was in middle school which was like….15yrs ago. Hahah cool

Deborah Kennedy says:

Fish and chips needs a MALT VINEGAR. My dad is an author and a master of fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Lemons sprinkled on the fish is also a great addition.

Why didn't the put the chips into a preheated oven to stay hot? By the time the fish is all cooked, they would have been COLD, unless you keep your heat in the house to 250°, right? 👍🤣

Also, NO CORNMEAL ON FRIED FISH IS SACRILEGE to fried fish lovers, eh?

Rebecca Harris says:

So you buy $20 of oil, and throw it away after one use? And please tell us how you get rid of it. My husband likes the dig a hole in the back yard method, although we live in an apartment.

Conservative Minuteman says:

I'll pass on this one. I don't care for fries that taste like fish.

Chesty McStudmuffin says:

Those "chips" looked awful…soggy.

Chesty McStudmuffin says:

Sorry, but the Ball Park Gourmet Buns, hot dog or hamburger, beats them all.

우주너구리 says:

피시앤칩스 엄청 먹고싶어요.ㅜㅜㅜ 생선 엄청 좋아하는데

Sidney Mathious says:

I love the look of both the fish & chips, and the shrimp burgers and would love to be there to help you all eat it. The pepperidge farms buns sound great and one brand I have to remember as being the best for making burgers with since I do that sometimes.

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