How To Use A Whole Roasted Butternut Squash (No Waste!)

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Can you eat a whole butternut squash, including the seeds? What’s a SAFER way to cut butternut squash?? Hint: not just how to cut a butternut squash. 🙂

What if I tell you that roasted butternut squash seeds taste even better than popcorn and they have way higher nutrition value. Watch this week’s new video on all things butternut squash so you can’t avoid the mistakes that I made and be an expert on making the best butternut squash recipes!

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I Heart Umami says:

Have you tried roasted butternut squash seeds?

Miniature Cooking with Ching says:

🍇🍉🥕🍓I love squash!! I love your different kind of recipe ideas!I never try the roasted seeds!Thanks for sharing Umami.🍇🍉🥕🍓

Stacey Crawford says:

Lovely soup & I love what you did with the seeds!

Savoring Today says:

Great tip on roasting the seeds!

The W. Family MUSIC says:

i am new here and i really like your way you do the video 🙂 and it looks delicious.

Rachel Smets says:

Have never tried it but looks so goooood. I am so sure I would love to eat it. thanks for sharing, fellow YouTube boss here cheering you on!


Journey says:

Popcorn? Now I’m judging myself for throwing the seeds 🤭

How To Make Dinner says:

I love your enthusiasm! Love those seeds too. 🙂

Elizabeth Sampson says:

Yummy! Never thought of using the seeds! Great cutting method!

The Polish Queen says:

I have tried butternut squash seeds, delicious! great video

Surviving Breast Cancer says:

This looks great. Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

Stacy Hackney says:

Yum, thank you.

2005wsoxfan says:

Pressure cook it in the Instant Pot. Put in whole you don't even have to stab it with a knife. Skin falls from meat. Seeds separate easily from strings.

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