Soupe aux Choux ( cabbage and pork soup) : Easy and healthy French soup for winter

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The is a classic version of the French cabbage soup ( soup aux choux ) where fresh cabbages are blanched sliced and cook with smoked pork belly and chicken stock. chunky pieces of cabbage and smoked pork belly really give that soup its character. 🙂🙂👨🏻‍🍳


1 medium size cabbage ( savoy or white cabbage)
300 grams of smoked pork belly
1 medium size carrot
1 onion
3 cloves
2 litres / 8 cups of clear chicken stock ( or 2 liters of water)
1 tablespoon of butter
salt and pepper for seasoning
4 slices of Bread (oven toasted and cut in chunks )

To make the chicken stock watch that video:

You can use water instead of stock to make the soup but you will not get the same flavors. i recommended you use stock to get the fully hearty flavours.

soupe au choux is one of the most iconic french soup there is and makes a return when cabbages are in season and the temperature outside gets colder.

Soupe au choux ( cabbage soup): easy and healthy French soup for winter

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jeremy abel says:

quel style ! j'adore merci la france – je aime la france ^^

Darya Shalev says:

Looks amazing OMG…hopefully I will have all the ingredients today so I can make it today💋

Takemura76 says:

What can you substitute with if you can’t find smoked pork belly?

ralph martinez says:

I like the little “ehh” when explaining lol

Kate Ruterbories says:

Fabulous! Excellent recipe and perfect demonstration! Thank you for the food and humor! Nourishes the soul!! 🥘

Love God says:

Tried it.


RipperYou says:

I am very happy that I found this channel – great recipies and great cooking lessons!

Arthas Menethil says:

8:50 i should introduce you to my family, most of them have a "alt every step of the way" mentality. The way my dad and grandpa work: for a meal like this first you start with a salted broth, then add salt as your cooking, add more salt as you finish up cooking, add salt after you put it in the bowl, then salt a few times throughout the meal. If your guests dont start gagging and shrivel up like slugs then you havent dont your job. Personally i like a sane amount of salt, but last time i cooked my grandpa something despite me cooking it to my taste then adding extra salt to his food I still caught him adding a pinch of salt to each individual bite.

Ana Santos says:

Can I do it with cured pork belly?

Better than telly says:

I used your video to make coq au vin and it was amazing! Thank you so much for the clarity and passion you have in your presentations.

Valentina Sokolova says:

I love that movie!

adam hinton says:

Is it possible to use purple cabbage?

Mecca Stewart says:

I’m making this yummy soup!

Avifors says:

"yes i'll have the soup aux choux"
"bless you"

Filosofo Tacio says:

adding a bit of fish sauce goes well with that dish.

Katsu says:

>literally 2 ingridients
>14 minutes

noname atall says:

ugly leaves ? i've never seen in the supermarket a cabbage beautiful as that

Linh Cali says:

I didn’t know you can cook 😂 I love your cooking ❤️🌹🔔

ILIAD9 says:

Brilliant! I just made a rabbit with cabbage and mustard sauce which is very close to this soup. the cabbage and pork belly is an incredible combination. Im putting this on my winter list…..

Daniel McTurk says:

This soup beats chicken noodle soup any day for comfort or getting over sickness. I like it as is or with large chunks of potatoes a little thyme and red wine vinegar if recovering from something particularly nasty.

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