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These are the top vegan essentials I always have in my kitchen that make my life so much easier. I’ll go through them one by one with you. Hope they’ll enhance your life too.

How to make tofu at home:

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Jesus Diedforyou says:

Thank you! I watched this while working on my grocery list! 🙂

Margot Yannotta says:

I am Glad Peanut butter is in the list

Taiwo Omotosho says:


Holisticliving Radhika says:

Tomatoes keep better at room temp. If you're on Keto, need to watch your tomato intake unfortunately! I love shopping at my area Chinese or Japanese grocery stores but most packages don't list ingredients in English so, I can never be sure if it contains any fish and most people at the store don't speak English so it is a bit of a challenge!

Cameron Vadnais says:

I don't know how your tomatoes are. But the ones in America aren't that great. The only good ones are the seasonal ones. Even then, it's best to get them from a farmers market. I prefer Heirloom tomatoes. I eat those like apples.

Also, I was told that you are not supposed to keep tomatoes in the fridge.

cathy phegley says:

Also I love miso and tofu!

cathy phegley says:

Your mayo is $55.50 American on Amazon! I chose another🤣

Kinnari's Kitchen says:

Nice share. Peanut butter I love. I generally make my own. Stay in touch. Do visit my channel.

Hailey Bakes says:

Great video!

miciajoey1 says:

Peanut butter is wonderful, but please no Skippy – it has loads of added sugar. Peanut butter should have just one ingredient – peanuts. Meridian (available at Waitrose) is the best brand.

miciajoey1 says:

You can also make meringue with chick peas! We made a delicious one in my vegan class at Waitrose Cookery School, and you couldn't tell there was no egg. It went great with our vegan brownies.

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