How to Make Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe by Laura Vitale – "Laura In The Kitchen" Episode 47

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Chaplin's Classics says:

Best Seafood Lasagna,

Neng05 Lagundi says:

Gonna try this without adding carrot, thanks Laura ❤️

jan ward says:

What about garlic in the sauce?

robert lanza says:

what no garlic, bay leaf or oregano ??????

simon simon says:


The hoodlum says:

You are a true gem!! I made this and used 3 28oz. Cans of Sam Marzano crushed tomatoes. Wow!! my first time ever learning how to make lasagna. It was a instant smash hit!! Also made your meatloaf, but I added a small diced bell pepper . Another winner!! Thank you for sharing. Now this bachelor can eat healthy!!!!!

Rafael Vicho says:

Now watching this year 2020. 😋😋😋

Rouge red says:

Lasagna's actually an Ancient Greek dish.;-)))

Rahni NothingMore. says:

Show us a homemade noodle recipe

Carmen Musso says:

I am a 84 year old Italian and have been cooking Italian food that a lot of people have never heard of. Tried many different ways of cooking food.I always enjoyed food that people make the way they liked it, always liked other people’s way of making the same food.


"tiny tiny balls" okay Felicia

Sabrina Forlini says:

Did Nonna use boxed pasta or did she make the dough from scratch?

Favs says:

Can we get a new decade lasagna recipe ! 2020 ✨🥂

Michael P says:

Laura, Laura, Laura, ay ay yi. I am amazed that you are using pre-grated Parm, simply amazed.

Dee Ferry says:

Looks great

Elvie Villaflor says:

Double dipping. 😊

celtic0317 says:

What kind of Italian sausage – hot, mild, sweet …?

You're Welcome says:

You're spoon wasnt firm

Mike Angelo says:

Made this lasagna. Frickin bomb!!!

lewjac3 says:

I moved to FL from NJ,and noticed you used Shoprite ricotta it brought back fond memories, thanks.

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