Rabbit In Creamy Mustard Sauce | Classic French Recipes

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Classic French Rabbit recipe: Creamy Mustard sauce, flavored with tarragon and garnished with mushrooms and pearl onions.

when the weather is getting colder and autumn is approaching its a good time to cook Game meats. we look today at how to cook a rabbit in mustard sauce. In France that classic dish is called the Lapin a la moutarde and its consider a typical family dish.

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Marcus Jones says:

Oh that poor bunny

Gantry Crane says:

I’m heading over FoodsCo right now to get some rabbit.

amar poon says:

Could you please make a video about the friecasse technique


poor rabbit

Pas F says:

It's all cool but using pasta as a side dish it's a bit of an heresy

chefpetey says:

Fantastic! I just had made Conejo Colorado…a Dominican Rabbit dish which is likewise a flavor orgasm.

vdavis1959 says:

great recipe: question, what is in the bouquet garni? Leeks/Celery/tarragon?

Sol Rex says:

Simply delicious…merci❤

K M says:

OMG! This man should be arrested

Teodosius5473 says:

Simple? In relation to what?

avmobe says:

Can this recipie be made with chicken

Ron Schlorff says:

Nice, only 45 minutes to make your own stock (with a little help from store bought). Easy to do and no excuses for not doing it!! But note, when making a rabbit stock don't forget the chicken bones!! 😀 lol.

Dekerus says:

Bugs Bunny.

Edmundo Dante says:

you put butter in all, hahahaah,, SEEK

edcasapia says:

Amazing Stephan !! I subscribe to your channel a couple of weeks ago, I love cooking and especially I love French Cuisine. I´ve learned with you in a few videos all my favorite french dishes, by the way, yesterday I made the soup of cabbage and pork lol Thank you, Chef !

SweetNote Stan SORI says:

How to make French Dijon mustard?

George Natividad says:

looks declicious.. i will definitely try this one. i love rabbit meat😁

Universal Citizen says:

Looks nice, but no salt or pepper at all?

Mazequax says:

Anger management. Scream at your rabbit. Two dollops worth of screams.

Wayne Parker says:

GREAT video!! I will be rabbit hunting here in the US (California) this fall and cannot wait to try this recipe out. Merci beaucoup!!

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