Delia's Classic Christmas Part 1

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James Murphy says:

Lovely Delia. Lovely then and lovely now. In a league of her own. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas Delia!

Victoria says:

Very very expensive to make the pudding and cake!!! So much work too… Great if you've lots of time and money…

Tony Chapman says:

I still cook my Christmas turkey using the Delia Smith method! She just explains it all so well, even a novice like me can cook.

Jenny D says:

I love your videos , your cooking and advice everything is so good

Elena says:

Thanks, thanks from Chile. Beatiful !!!

madabbafan says:

Made the creole cake for christmas just gone was good but might add a touch more spice next time and make it a coup,e of weeks earlier to get more brandy feeding time.

Richard Leonard says:

I miss actual christmas cooking shows. None of those cookie challenge or those silly Food Network shows.

Татьяна Моисеева says:


Marisol Dones says:


Juliana Cassia says:

Que lindo o seu canal, esplêndido 👏👏👏 ganhou mais uma inscrita 😉

Anna Chiara Ladisi says:

Many Compliments! So elegance, so great !! Simply the Best. Thanks .

Kate Hillier says:

Home cooks should aim for the highest possible skilling in cooking as with skills you can do more and save more money with qaulitiy ingredients which speak for themselves and only need our friend butter, cream herbs and whatnot.

Kate Hillier says:

Delia is an exceptionally helpful [TV] Cook well worth paying attention too, books etc of which I have most.

Bill y says:

steaming..yep. lol.

Diulza Santos says:

Onde encontro livros e receitas

TNToncourt says:

Nothing traditional there..

Lenka L says:

I make the Christmas pudding according to her recipe and it's the best ever. I have now adjusted it to our tastes a bit, I use butter not suet and put there 2 apples instead of 1, and definitely more cognac, and it's literally perfection. Actually once I ate it myself in 2 days after making and needed to make another sharp! Having said that, I would never use aluminum anywhere in the kitchen, never. Baking parchment and a plate on the top does the job perfect.

Francesca Lever says:


mary jemison says:

I have the Shells but mine are silver & Bake Oysters Rockefeller’s in my Shells

Tina Lawlor says:

Thank you Delia. I’m American and am not familiar with the British Christmas food traditions. Your videos make me wish I was British!! I’ve watched the series 3 times over the past month just to get me inspired for the Holidays. I’ve purchased my liquors so far😅

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