Delicious Vegetarian Pasta in Arrabiata Sauce You'll Love

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Pasta Arrabiata is one of my favourite vegetarian pasta dish. It’s a tomato based sauce with garlic, chillies and I have added some bell peppers in mine for the crunch. Watch it and see how easy it is to make today.


lucy ndege says:

I love your cooking pots any leads

Rahma Iya says:

Thnx chef this is a must try soo yummy

Rahma Iya says:

Thnx chef this is a must try soo yummy

Dear Brave says:

Thank you I finally know how to prevent my pasta from sticking together 😋

Mary Jay says:

Will try this tomorrow

Janny Murixh says:

How many minutes pasta takes when ur boiling?


That pan please give it to me

Saly Black says:

Nice Chef thanks

Kennedy Mwandiki says:

I will one day write a book of how your lessons transformed my culinary skills from a village cook to a revered chef!

Edrine Edrinah k says:

Delicious😘thanx Chef. Am still waiting fr da book.

Maureen Chege says:

Just what I planned to cook today thanks God for you chef Raphael

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