Spotted Dick Suet Pudding and Custard

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Spotted Dick is one of the classic British desserts. It’s made with flour and suet (a hard fat that surrounds the kidneys of beasts) and contains currants or sultanas. Spotted Dick is absolutely delicious with English Custard / Creme Anglaise. In this recipe video I show you how easy it is to make steamed Spotted Dick Pudding, and also how to make foolproof pouring custard using the sous vide method.

If you don’t have sous vide equipment, here’s a video about the traditional way to make British custard:

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And some other recipes that go well with custard:

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General intro to sous vide cooking and the Anova Precision Cooker:

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zhinka says:

cannot get more German then Suet pudding so yummy!

Buffalo 86 says:

Could you use tallow or lard if you couldn't find suet ?

steve franklin says:

Dick came from the Norman word for thick

JanTheNan says:

Could the pud be sous vide please keef?

JanTheNan says:

My fAve xxx

Cliff Carlo says:

Saw this dish advertised in one of those poncy restaurants and they called it Speckled Richard.

JanTheNan says:

Double thumbs up

NoirFan01 says:

Thank you for posting

Charlene Zacks says:

You look like Colonel Sanders.

JanTheNan says:

Any idea please for a large one in a pressure cooker Keef? Thanks

JanTheNan says:

My absolute favourite.

Hellthrasher says:

Bravo! Looked insanely good 😀

Tracey Baum-wicks says:

I am so pleased to have found your video. You make this look so easy, I can't wait to try it!Thank you!

Keith Akehurst says:

You can buy vegetable suet very easily.

Vincent Joyce says:

My great grandma made this every year for xmas. Then grandmother. We are starting this tradition again at xmas . Thanks for putting up the video.

Raul Sarabia says:

Do you leave it outside the refrigerator so it can harden

Nazel says:

Can you use chocolate chips instead of dry fruits?

Kevin Byrne says:

Basically the same dough as is used in rolly-polly pudding, except water replaces milk.

Eusa Maciel RECEITAS DE VÓ says:

Uauuuu! I loved it!

Taekwondo South Schools says:

Hi how good did it taste? We really enjoyed it. We will be making it next week.

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