Veggie Christmas Pithivier Pie | Jamie Oliver

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“If you’re a veggie, or you’ve got a veggie coming for Christmas dinner, then look no further than this epic pie! With golden pastry, celeriac, creamy leeks, mushrooms and blue cheese, this recipe is an absolute belter! Vegetarians will love you for it, and the meat eaters will be after some too. Let us know how you get on.
Jamie & Jimmy’s Festive Feast originally aired on Channel 4. If you’re UK based stream Jamie programmes on All 4
This recipe is from Jamie’s book Veg.”

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Tom F says:

Pithivier ? This is a charlotte.

Ria says:

I'll roast without the aluminium, thanks.

ije d says:

how you glaze , if you can’t eat eggs? please

believeinmii says:

Oh! I can't wait to comment on your video! I'm to please too watch your video because, it's been a while to watch your youtube. Thanks for coming back^^

trianta99 says:

Well done Jamie! I will definetely try it but as a Greek cheese pie! Inspired!!,

유선호 says:

형 사업 망했다며 그래도 형이 언제나 내 최고의 요리사야.

Elizabeth Lourido says:

James thanks for your very increíble Rezept I love you have talent

Paul Harvey says:

Con man ! His food tastes crap !

руслан идрисов says:

Очень жалко не субтитров

Victor D.H says:

this is how you make ppl eat more veggie , because that looks absolutely gorgeous !!!
unlike how some ppl keep blabbering nonsense and think they are better than other ppl

Alex Key says:

looks like a normal spinach pie

فلان بن فلان says:

This guy is incredible.

Lara Luck says:

Love the recipes but what was the point of buying your book? You're just giving away all your veggie recipes away in video format.

Анипа Джунусалиева says:


Pixie HM says:

A french pithivier pie is not that at all ! It’s a dessert ! Puff pastry pie with an almond cream inside ! 🤨

Con C de cocina says:

Eres un cocinero genial, lo explicas muy bien.

Arunava Sarkar says:

so egg is vegeterian.veg people never cease to amuse me.

Methii Yiimii says:

We want more veggie vegan🥰💪🏾

Золотая Рыбка says:


NKS NKS says:

Omg u look very old in that pic Jamie… 🙁.. anyway my fav chef Iam fan of ur 15 mis cooking anyway tc ur health too. god bless u.

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