Air Fryer Eggplant Parmesan Vegetarian Vegan option Video Recipe | Bhavna's Kitchen

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Habor Air Fryer An air-fry method creates this crispy Baked Eggplant Parmesan that rivals any fried version. An easy, updated take on the classic Italian dish.
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TheStaceySquad says:

Thank you for this great tutorail! I've been wanting to make eggplant parm for a while in my airfryer and now I know how to do it🙂 Thank you✨

Pat says:

Going to make in my air fryer , ty!!! I have an air fryer oven and can make all slices at once .

Anthony Kirkendhall says:

Bravo! It’s a keeper!

Vidhi Patel says:

Hey bhavna, can you please make a video for jeera rice??

Mona Singh says:

Great recipe dear…

Pedro Iranzo says:

El Parmesano no es uno de mis quesos favoritos pero…Delicious recipe…ñam,ñam. ;D

winane says:

Suppose to use less oil but still have to paint oil on both sides of the eggplant. Seems I would use less oil in the oven by spraying the baking sheet and the tops of the eggplant. I think Bhavna is creating content for air fryer owners. Which is nice. But I will stick to oven baking. The air fryers in my opinion take up way too much space.

Charan Ingole says:

very nice yummy recipes

Vermillion varon says:

I wish I can cook like that

swaralipi dutta says:

Can i make a Onion pakora in air fryer???

Jay Patel says:

Looks kind of dry. I like mine done in oven.

BuddhaGuitar1 says:

This is a good one for me. I love eggplant. Still go to get me one of those air friers. Thanks Bhavna!!

PlantBased505 says:

Looks like another delicious recipe. Thanks!

Nandini Narayan says:

Very nice. I will make this

Garth says:

I still don't get this Airfryer nonsense..It's an oven basically so why buy this when you can do exactly the same thing in a conventional fan oven..

Betty Horn says:

I'm going to try this!

Bob Bush says:

Thank you for the vegan option. I've got an extra rack for my airfryer. I'm going to try using it to see if I can do 4 slices at once.

Cuachitah Gutierrez says:

Lov lov this video. It looks so delicious. U go woman i really enjoyed it 👏👏👏

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