Jamie’s Christmas Nut Roast with a Spicy Sauce

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Christmas is nearly here Food Tubers and this year, Jamie is creating some fantastic alternatives to the traditional turkey dinner. Here he is cooking a special nut roast recipe that will wow anyone at your Christmas table. Beautiful fresh veg pimped to the hilt with nuts, apricots, cranberries and fragrant spices before being baked until deliciously golden.
Served on a rich tomato chilli sauce and topped with melted cheddar cheese this nutty offering has real oomph!
If you like this, we’ve got more alternative seasonal dishes as well as the full traditional thanksgiving spread here on Food Tube and at http://www.jamieoliver.com
This recipe has been adapted from Jamie’s nut roast recipe in issue 53 of Jamie magazine.

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V – This is a vegetarian recipe
GF – This is a gluten free recipe


Zee says:

I wonder if you can prep the nut roast part the night before. Anyone know?

Dana Alexander says:

That was a complete waste of thyme…its pricy

shakuntala shankar says:

Really you're born to cook healthy food.🙏

Maria Carballo says:

J'adore ses recettes!!

Вера Макашина says:

Когда же у тебя будет русский перевод?

Jeanne Amato says:

You can substitute flax eggs and vegan cheese for vegans out there.

LottaTroublemaker says:

Too bad it isn’t made vegan though. I would have loved it for a Sunday roast, but for Christmas, I don’t want spicy red sauce, I want brown gravey and herbs/spices like cloves, black pepper, sage, thyme, ginger etc., makes it taste like Christmas, I think❣️ I also make the gravy in a different way than in the UK. I melt 2 parts (vegan) butter, then add 1 part wheat flour and on medium heat I let it caramelize until it gets light brown/golden and suddenly it «turns», gets thinner, that is when I remove it from the heat and add stock while stirring (the stock may be hot, I prefer that). When it is the right consistency, I put it back on the heat and let it simmer while giving it some «love», add a little black food dye (sugar color or similar) to get the right brown color, add salt/pepper (and/or a little soy sauce), extra fond or concentrated bouillon or powder, if it needs a bit more flavor, red currant jelly (or lingonberry jam), soy/rice/oat cream and of course, add goodness from the roasting pan, when you can. Add a little water in the pan, put it on the heat and loosen all the flavors from the bottom of the pan and pour it through a sieve into your gravy or sauce – just add these things until you have balanced flavors and a kick ass Christmas gravy❣️ This one is richer and more creamy than the traditional UK one. Personally I like this one better, but of course, I grew up with this type of gravy. Always made from scratch, NO sauce mix stuff! And, it is soooo easy to keep making a super good gravey, even if you’ve gone vegan❣️PS! You can make it with less butter, but at Christmas I want to have a real yum gravy, and don’t worry about a little butter❗️❗️❗️👏🙌👍😊

Zill e Huma says:


Evie McGowan says:

it is not vegan, there are eggs in it.☺

Miss Angel says:


Phoebe Layton says:

Love Jamie…

Rosa Elena Rodriguez says:

Jamies traduce por favor

squange20 says:

I have been making a very similar vegan stuffing for years, but I also add red and green capsicums.

squange20 says:

Jamie is the best!! Love all his recipes.

Mike Wallace says:

Is the quinoa precooked for this dish

Mike Wallace says:

Hi does anybody know if the quinoa is precooked for the roast

Mike Wallace says:

Hi does anybody know if the quinoa is precooked for the roast

Kæla Brown says:

@1:55 he needs to bash his nuts

Lucky DeSilva says:

Thank you Chef. X X

howieboy62032914 says:

I've just made this and, while I did enjoy it, I found the dried fruit slightly bizarre in something which is otherwise very savoury. If I made it again, I would leave it out. Other than that, it was decent

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