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This is a paid for Ad. This quick and delicious fish pie is full of flavour and lighter than traditional recipes. The usual white sauce is replaced with a colourful, fresh and zingy tomato salsa with a chilli kick. Topped with perfectly piped mash and cooked until golden, crispy and steaming hot. A winner of a family meal.

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Vee Vk says:

Hi Jamie I made this yesterday for myself, My husband and my toddlers aged 29 months and 12 months. All four of us loved this recipe. This tasted so good, absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to make it again! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Rióna O'Mullane says:

Thank you Jamie, looks sumptious, can't wait to try it out!

Patrick Larry says:

With that tangy pecorino that must be so delicious!

julesea says:

Amazing, just baked it too, excellent dish! Thank you Jamie for sharing this superb fish pie video!

Lữ Đắc Mạnh Thông says:

Thanks for sharing chef

Psychedelic Intervention says:

thanks so much for your recipes! they are easy and delicious!

Ms.Keegan L 101 says:

To Jamie: its domestic violence in Pascagoula, Mississippi

rain liu says:

how to make mashed potatoes😳

Daniel Hall says:

Is he wearing coloured contacts or is that shirt just putting in extra work?

Aussies Do it Better says:

Not what i was expecting at all..tomato salad in a fish pie🤔🤔🤔

Oscar Lacey says:

See Jimmie, "FISH" Pie… not so difficult is it?

Atiec Rose says:

Lovely food😋

Baldeesh Chaggar says:

Ummmmmm so good

لؤلؤ مكنون says:

I adore the way you cook❤️

Freckleface 1961 says:

Where can I find the recipe please?

Kelvin Kersey says:

Cretinous fool, you don't want tomatoes near a fish pie

Harriette Aertse says:

Thank you for this great recipe

Giovanni Razzano says:


يا حسين says:

Cook nice jamie

DansLikeaRockstar says:

I'm here because of hidinginmyroom

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