Veggie Noodle Stir-Fry | Danny McCubbin

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Danny McCubbin brings another one of Jamie’s Food Revolution recipes to life, with this delicious veggie noodle stir-fry. Tofu and rice noodles cooked with a variety of colourful veggies giving you two of your 5-a-day. This recipe is perfect if you are trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet and you can be swapped with any leftover vegetables that you might have in the fridge. It’s simple to make and works really well as a quick mid week meal. Check out more of Jamie’s Food Revolution recipes here:

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Liz Torres says:

Looks delicious

Iosif Razvan says:

Holy molly that garlic added at the start killed me… it burned so hard. That food is so bitter

nothinnnng says:

May I suggest some liquid after adding todu and a bit more cooking before the noodles? Tofu needs more time to absorb flavor, and it would be a waste not to bring out the vege flavors. The essential part of fried noodles is to get a good sauce mix with enough liquid and flavor and then combine it with the noodles.

Sarah Nabi says:

So you’ve added no salt or pepper. I think since the amount of soy sauce was also pretty low, this would perhaps be bland

Petits Pois says:

Love it. You can basically use any vegetable in the fridge.

Alex Damgaard says:

0:23 well not anymore. Just saw him posting meat stuff on twitter :/

Picco bow says:

This is just my opinion: Overhead camera doesn't seem close enough and get rid of that fisheye lens

Harsh Agarwal says:

No salt and pepper??

The Vegan Metalhead says:

i would make this and i sent it to one of my vegan facebook friends

Rodha AH says:

ONLY that much sauce? sigh

nidje veze says:

Is this guy authistic or what?

kalaskulan007 says:

Half a tablespoon of soy as the only source of salt? Dank recipe bruh

Loes says:

Is it an option to freeze these cut veggies in a bag or something? I live alone, so I could split this into two meals, without having to microwave it the next day…

Katrina J. says:

this looks delish! definitely going to be trying. thanks for the vegan meals!

chocmilkshake24 says:

Damn.. If he loves dancing he should change his last name to mcclubbin

Andrei Fialovich says:

1:19 When you walk in to your parents having sex.

Pete Boraso says:

looks dry…

Foodie Teenz says:

Check out our take on a delicious stir fry 😌

Dawn Plas says:

More sauce is need it

Keziah Anne says:

Great meal I can make tonight, thank you for the great veggie recipe!

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