Our Favorite Cheese and Tomato Lasagna

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Bridget shows Julia how to make a rich, yet simple Cheese and Tomato Lasagna.

Get the recipe for Cheese and Tomato Lasagna: http://cooks.io/2FuPSfD
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La Sbv. says:

This recipe was amazing!!

Chiara Lancia says:

Omg this recipe is so so wrong, don't call it Lasagna! This is Not Italian cuisine at all 🤣 is this a parody??

Lisa McNeill says:

I have a vegetarian roommate and a husband who is allergic to fish. I used diced baby Bella mushrooms with a teaspoon of dark sesame oil to add depth and complexity. My mother always used cottage cheese with a bit of dried tarragon. Love the corn starch trick! Worked like a charm.

Gena says:

I have been wanting to make this since first seeing it….but something always seemed to get in the way. My family requested spaghetti and meatballs….so I decided if I couldn't make the lasagna, I would at least make the sauce. And that's exactly what I did! Wow! Thank you test kitchen for being my muse or catalyst! Whichever you prefer.

Karl Delavigne says:

I draw the line at anchovies (yuk) and sugar. There are less offensive ways of getting a strong, balanced tomato sauce.

Mary Hutton says:

what can I use instead of the anchovies because I'm am allergic to the anchovies.thank you I hope I get a comment back god bless you and the test kitchen

Joy Ward says:

Made this. It was totally awesome! Love you ladies and love, love, love the show!

Fall Guy says:

We grew up using cottage cheese and it tastes way better

Cmcmurphy1406 says:

Definitely making this

鄧運霖 says:


S J Stevens says:

I agree on the cottage cheese over ricotta. I have used it in my lasagna for 30 yrs and when I use ricotta I find it chalky and it ruins the experience.

Nigel Williams says:

“Wow. I’ve been cooking for 40 years but until now, I didn’t know ricotta and cottage cheese taste different!” These are so overly done sometimes; you’re audience isn’t full of dumb dumbs🙄Christ

Martin Phillips says:

This is my favorite show American test kitchen &. An cooks country . Thank you for letting me share

Danny says:

Pizza without bread

confusedwhale says:

"There's no meat in this."

Adds fish

Denise Fonda says:

Julia and Bridget, I have always used cottage cheese in my lasagna, thats the way my Mom taught me. My family loves my lasagna.

William Shetler says:

This sounds like a good recipe. I'll have to try it!
Just a note on how I make lasagna. Everybody always seems to like the corners and edges, so I use a Baker's Edge edge brownie pan. They fit lasagna noodles just about right in the four long spaces and even make it easy to cut apart. Give it a try!

Tori Ackley says:

Lasagna is my favorite !:)

Chris Hansen says:

Yummy like u gals. gonna totally Steal this recipe. just need to find the italian fontina!

A. Zingg says:

Pewdiepie has the best Lasagna

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