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This vegan ginger beef recipe uses tender homemade beefy beefless seitan, coated in a crispy fried batter, and dressed with sweet ginger beef sauce. It’s super delicious and just as good, or better than Chinese take-out ginger beef (AKA ginger fried beef or deep fried shredded beef in chili sauce).

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Ginger beef is a Chinese Canadian invention. According to Wikipedia, it was developed for the local palate in the 1970’s by chef George Wong at the Silver Inn in Calgary, Alberta. It’s made from strips of beef, battered in a mixture of egg and cornstarch and deep fried before being covered in a very sweet and somewhat tangy sauce. It’s on practically every Chinese take-out menu here in Calgary, even the vegetarian Chinese restaurant menus. By popular request, I developed this vegan ginger beef recipe for anyone and everyone who craves the taste and crunch of ginger beef without the meat and eggs.


Vegan Ginger Beef Printable Recipe + Blog Post:

Beefy Beefless Seitan (video):

A NOTE ABOUT SUGAR (vegan vs non-vegan sugar):


My recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng









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ClockWork Marquis says:

So I have a question…. Is there a big difference in wheat flour and wheat gluten? I bought wheat flour, so I can start making seitan and it didn't ball up the way it did for you. It was very soft. It's still cooking right now so Idk if it worked just the same. Fingers crossed

johnny zeros says:

never made seitan before i thought it was way to complicated but youve inspired me to have a go and im very excited about making this dish – thankyou soooo much for posting this amazing dish 🥰👍👍

Shaniafan1 says:

I made this before and forgot how. The recipe comes up again it’s fate.

toshiyuki suzuki says:

Did you use canned red kidney beans or cooked beans? Flaxseed and chia seeds are so expensive here, would there be a good substitute? If we are after the viscosity because of the use of flaxseed and chia, can we use a light cooked cornstarch? Thanks for the reply.

Thaegus Elakha says:

I would absolutely love to see your take on vegan bulgogi or even just Korean BBQ in general. Love your channel! #RecipeRequest

MidlifePrices says:

Did anyone else notice the vital wheat gluten was scowling? 😃 Looks delicious Mary. I can’t wait to try this. ❤️

Plant Based Mama McMillan says:

I want to make this 😋

Adam Roberts says:

Wow Mary, just made this and made a broccoli beef. Kids couldn’t tell it wasn’t meat.

Pierre Chiasson says:

This dish is simply perfect! I made it earlier this week, and I will make it again today! LOVED IT!

Arcturus Starr says:

It is always rubbery-like stuff

Aisha Parker says:

I can’t believe I was using flax gel IN MY HAIR for the past few years and throwing away the strained seeds😖 last night I threw some gel with the seeds into my cashew cheese and it blended much better! It even bubbled up and coagulated a bit😱😱

I’ll be giving this recipe a try soon💜

Immaculate Organic Soaps says:

Made this for dinner tonight, it was fantastic.

Cher-Ami Rose says:

Thanks for doing all the hard work for us! Can't wait to try this.

Karol Sjolund says:

Ginger garlic beef invented in Calgary. Thank you Mary for this awesome recipe.

Thrifty Styler says:

I've just made this today and it's amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe x

Mel T says:

I absolutely love your recipes!! Off the top of my head your juicy seitan beefless burgers are amazing👌 I'm excited to give this recipe a whirl this weekend. Thanks for making vegan food exciting Mary! x

Shaniafan1 says:

With flax seeds can you just grind them to make ground flax? It’ll have the same affect right?

Shaniafan1 says:

I made this once and it was good. I over cooked it a bit so next time I’ll cook it less.

Brad Janowski says:

damn, im not even cooking the shit just sitting here watching.

soulhunter59 says:

How do I continue coming back here?

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