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Mapo Tofu is among the best-known dishes from Sichuan cuisine. Intensely flavoured with fermented ingredients, spicy hot which you can adjust, along with a curious mouth-tingling sensation from Sichuan peppers. It’s traditionally made with pork or beef but we can easily make it vegan with vegan ‘ground beef’ or mushrooms. It’s easy to make so please make it and tell me what you think!

What other Chinese recipes would you like to see veganized? Let me know in the comments!

This recipe is NOT gluten-free. The fermented ingredients normally contain wheat. I’m not sure that they exist in a gluten-free form…please let me know if you know otherwise.


Full blog post + printable recipe:


Broad Bean Paste (doubanjiang):

Fermented Black Beans (douchi):

Sichuan Peppercorns:

Chili Oil:

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Andrew Smith says:

Hello Mary,

For the silken tofu/smooth tofu, what brand would you recommend one to buy if they can't make it on their own? I have a few chinese super market near me, but not sure what exact one to buy?

Shane's Book Corner says:

This looks delicious! When I went vegan I was afraid I may have lost my favourite dish forever but here you are making it look so easy! Thank you so much, I’ll be making this for dinner tonight

Keesje05 says:

Love that the label translated 'peppercorn' to 'mais de poivre' 😅

altros says:

This looks so good, If you are like me and cant stand tofu no matter how much you try to jazz it up, I used cubed potatoes and cubed eggplant, The sauce is amazing no matter what you make it with 😀

Sky Above says:

Hello Mary, would you do it with minced soy protein or is it too dry ?

Dani M says:

Did you get these ingredients online or in store? If in store, which one, since we both live in the same city :).

David Shapiro says:

Such an enjoyable instructional video. I also equally enjoyed the videos on how to make tofu and silken tofu. Extraordinarily high quality food and video productions. I should also add, I'm not even close to being a vegan ! Thank you , Mary, I'm now a subscriber to your channel. Yum.

sethorlando says:


Gary A says:

Wow I wish I could give this 1000 👍s!

OHP77 says:

"pre-ground stuff is almost completely useless"

Ah. Wish I'd seen this video before grinding my first batch this morning lol. Luckily it wasn't a huge amount.

Barb B says:

You should see my list of foods to make. LOL It's 2 pages now.

Rajesh says:

Super that !

Daisy Cornelia says:

I'm so hungry 😭

Grace Bowen says:

Too salty is fixed be adding potato. If you don't want potato in the finished dish just remove the pieces.

carrotandfennel says:

I made it and its amaziiing!!

tbd says:

Yay one of my favorite dishes veganized. 🤗

Mariah had a little Lamb says:

Hi i made this with some adjustments. I used Tau chu, tomato paste and chilli instead

Kopi Subba says:

Thank you for video

Vivian Tristesse says:

You used too much Pixian doubanjiang. I make vegan mapo tofu regularly with the same exact doubanjiang and I noticed that the fermented chili flavor is not diminished when I cut the amount in half. It just makes everything less salty. I also toast the Sichuan peppercorns longer and add them after I’ve added all my liquid. I find that this makes the mouth numbing sensation stronger.

Emily Weir says:

I was so happy when I first tried doubanjiang. My family's Totok so before I went veggie, I used a lot of sambal terasi – chilli and dried shrimp paste – and I could never find a good vegan replacement for that salty, savoury, fishy background taste of terasi. But the fermented broad beans in doubanjiang makes it a pretty close match, it works really well in Indonesian food!

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