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Simplicity at its finest with this classic tomato sauce! The Chiappas Sisters show you how it’s done the Italian Welsh way.

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Special thanks to Ocado for supplying all the fresh and tasty ingredients in this film

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jabulani6666 says:

No basil, oregano, mushrooms? thyme? Come on

Trap Trap says:

Two milfs teaching me how to cook😃what a video

Varun Kamal says:

2:50 … Am I the only one who heard "Let's put the pastor in"?

The Eternal Knight says:

Fish and chips still comes No1

Deep ❶ says:

Omg thank you !! I made the Tuna one and it's so delicious 😍😍

Katakuri Fan says:

Using the same spoon that you used to taste with huh? Not very hygenic

hell Yeah says:

they are so hot

Harry Johnson says:

She put the tasting spoon back in the pan without washing it

Sergiu C says:

Chi di voi due bellissime donne è single? Non sono ricco ma son un uomo di buon cuore e anima 🙂 e apprezzo la buona cucina 🙂

ulbio quijije says:

Tf? I never thought id want to bang jamie oliver

June Kim says:

Jesus Christ, how come she is so good looking?

Lorenz Müller says:

No onion for Marinara!!!! You're doing Sugo! Ughhh… Olive oil in a pan, sliced garlic cloves in it, maybe some red pepper, tinned tomatoes, and simmer it QUICKLY! Add basil and done.

Sagger King says:

I love you Lady

FireLysm says:

Unwatchable video, super annoying noise through entire video. Love the recipe, but it was so hard to watch this.


good recipe but why always use canned tomatoes? just put a few in a mixer, add some whole tomatoes to the "soup" and let it cook for 20 minutes or so

Ritika Ritu says:

Am the only one disgusted by people who taste the food right from the cooking spoon??

shefin mathew says:

Why Italians don't use fresh tomatoes

Red Is Cool says:

You lost me when you used canned tomatoes.

PH Park says:

Thank you, but I thought Jamie is male…

ᶘ ᴖᴥᴖᶅ says:

No basolo?

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