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Let’s get ready to Crumble! If you don’t know what a crumble is, then today is your lucky day, as Jamie shows us three fantastic ones. They’re a fruity dessert with crispy, crunchy, buttery topping, perfect to serve with cream, ice cream or delicious homemade custard! Jamie also shows us how to take these crumbles up a level, starting with the classic Apple Crumble, and then two variations with different toppings on a berry option and stone fruit one too. Welcome to the world of the crumble everyone.

Links from the video:
Vanilla Bean Custard | Jamie Oliver – AD

For the recipe and more visit:
Apple –
Frozen fruit & almond crumble –
Roasted stone fruit crumble –
Vanilla Custard –

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Nicole Ndu says:

“Like something nice and homely like a little hug” I felt that hahahaha

D M says:

English crumble + oats = American crisp 😉

Ron Willcox says:

instead of porridge could you use granola or muesli please

Emma Solis says:

What vanilla paste should I use

Muhammed algadhi says:

a lot calories are causing the Obesity and diabetes .

Dan Dunning says:

Had a plum crumble from a local pub yesterday… amazing!

Deborah Tulloch says:

Never tried a crumble. I can't wait to make this! Thank you BuzzFeed for sending me here!

Jack Ornduff says:

This is basically the British version of a cobbler

Nerisa says:

Will do 3 together like you Jaimie – yum yum coming up – thank you for your simple instructions. Happy New Year 2020 🙂

Rockin Rollin n Trollin says:

that's a…………. humble ,crumble , rumble ??? ( that low sound of uuummm )

Geetanjali Kanate says:

The first time I cooked pasta, I had used Jamie's pasta sauce and followed his recipe! It turned out amazing and years later, I'm still following the same recipe 💕
Can't wait to try making these crumbles!

eddie reynolds says:

GREAT STUFF Jamie!! Years ago I trained to be a chef & even made it up to 2nd cook & baker, but packed it in-Why? I was bloody STUPID!! I now teach English in Japan & always manage to get employment-even though I'm not a pro like you-because I still retain my skill as a cook & have given cooking classes for my school in the local city hall & the Japanese LOVE IT!! So, what's my point? For anyone starting out in the catering trade….it's difficult at first just scrubbing pans & peeling spuds etc & you may feel IT'S NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE & will want to pack it in just like I did (BIG MISTAKE) But if you can stick it out & put up with all the SCREAMING & SHOUTING in a hotel kitchen…then one day you'll be just like Mr. Jamie!! SO, STICK TO IT & who knows, you may have your own restaurant one day-GOOD LUCK to YOU ALL!!!

dnah24 says:

tried the apple crumble recipe tonight! thanks!

Miss Derry says:

Will be watching in 2020 also

Sharon Burke says:

Jamie, you never got thanked properly for the work you did over here on school lunches and nutrition shows you presented. I do know it stuck even though you didn't get the credit for it, so, thank you!

FreeEditor says:

Can you do half oat half flour?

Ика Ика says:

why when I look at him, he reminds me very much of Tom Hanks?

Henrietta Raphael says:

Who is watching in November 2019? Christmas menu planning mode

Jayesh Parakh says:

We love you ❤️❤️❤️

Patricia Thomas says:

Take the written off the screen so we can see what ur doing

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