The 3 Classic French Parisian Baguette Sandwiches

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3 classic french parisian sandwiches: a quick demonstration on how to make of the most common Parisian sandwiches found in so many small cafe and bistros in France.

they are very simple but the quality of those sandwiches reside in the quality of the baguette ( French bread) and the ingredients use for the fillings.

The 3 sandwiches are:

Ham and butter sandwich
saucisson and butter sandwich
pate and gherkins sandwich


Joe M says:

Rhwhehhrhe 3 important baguettes rawrararjajajg

Pas mal 77 miam says:

La rosette beaucoup de gras mais à l'air très bonne

Marilyn Grace says:

Mercy poko

Ellis Garvin says:

"Just a little bit of butter" – smears a 1/4 cup of butter on the bread! Gotta love the French! I wish I could find a baguette like that where I live. And butter. And ham, etc. Everything tastes better in France, which is why you need only a few ingredients for your tongue to go to heaven.

Jim P says:

A good French baguette is a miracle. When I buy one, it doesn't usually make it home intact.

Dimi Fisher says:

No cheese!?

Ben Naylor says:

These sandwiches only really work in France. Light baguette, quality butter and ham etc. I prefer no butter with saucisson, it’s full of fat so there is no need.

Dio Balagué says:

As much as I love cuisine française, ı have to say those parisian sandwiches are disappointing, too bland, almost no "soul" concerning their origin. I think American sandwiches are the best ones, but when it comes to baguette-like bread sanwiches, Spanish ones are the greatest, using olive oil as butter, and tomato (for me, escencial) sometimes spreading it out, like the typical catalan sanwich with iberian prosciutto in it. Regards from Venezuela 🙋.

Gerard Jones says:

Use cornichon pickle on the pate de campagne. French sandwiches are simple with clean taste.
French food is perfect.

Macrohoo says:

28 years ago I been in Paris, hungry, I went to a store and ask for a sandwich, I choose the pate one, I am not exaggerating that it was one of the best and most delicious sandwiches I have ate on my life, I tried unsuccessfully to find that kind of pate here in the USA, I only remember the guy who prepare the sandwich told me something like "grille" but I think I did not catch what he said. I think is the country style pate that you are referring in this video.
Thank you.

bigman19916 says:

These sandwiches suck, they literally have nothing in there. It’s tooo dry and bread is not easy to swallow.

pyo some more says:

“Little bit of butter” yeah ryt

Tamara Walsh says:

Oh, I so want that pate and gherkin sandwich RIGHT NOW!

Eric Hourdeaux says:

SUPER THANKS, It is a great pleasure to watch all your videos and specially this one about the classic sandwiches with baguette, the Paris Ham / butter & Baguette is always my first meal when I'm down the flight back to Paris – Living in a foreign country the most simple food is revealed as essential : )

enduril122 says:

Hmm so this is the origin of the banh mi. Interesting to see what the Vietnamese added, picked carrots & radish, coriander, soy sauce, and sliced peppers, in addition to all the Vietnamese meat options.


I prefer miracle whip over butter.

unebonnevie says:

Thanks! Do you know where to get the butter and pate' in volume from France? If you could share the companies' names for the butter and pate', that would be appreciated.

Prince X says:

aint no sandwich w no cheese

scott gurney says:

Metal knives do not give any different taste..I challenge you

Palmer Susan says:

This looks so tasty .Thanks for recipes

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