'The Best Oyster in the World' | Food Busker | Montreal, Canada

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John Quilter Aka The Food Busker is in Montreal visiting Jamie’s mate Derek Dammann at his amazing restaurant in Montreal called Maison Publique (http://www.maisonpublique.com). He’s there to try the famous Marmite Oyster, love it or hate it, it’s definitely worth a visit!!

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KD unger says:

love the expo ball cap bro..lol

Wayne rafa says:

what type of oyster is it

Dave Elzacky says:

Man, That Chef is sure a Humble Looking person. I liked his Attitude 👏

Nick K says:

that looks pretty awesome

Marie J says:

Quel pitre, commence par la douche et profite en pour savonner ton bordel avec

fibreoptik says:

Love my city <3 – not just the best food. The best people, architecture, artists, entertainment and technology… and women. Yep. Some of the most gorgeous women in the world live here. One of them being my wife 🙂

mrzazzaable says:

Nu Male attempts to eat manly oyster

I'm Just Here says:

Dammit.. I was just there last weekend.

Jules Ferlatte says:

Bravo it is nice to see that Jamie and Co have discover Montreal the best foodies city in the entire world

Jazzzy's Beauty Spot says:

My city is so fricking BEAUTIFUL ❤️

Enjy Benjy says:

Montreal je t'aime

EchoSixMike says:

I thought Marmite was an industrial explosive?

Marc-André B says:

Thank goodness I live fifteen minutes away !

Bekah's Life says:

Love this!!

Peony the asian says:

Since you're in Montreal drive over to Ottawa and try kiko sushi bar. It's one of the best and freshest sushi spots in town

Sam Tilden says:

How long are you here?? I’m a montrealer and I’d love to meet you!

Annick Nasarallah says:

I go to Montreal for hockey games every winter, I am so checking this place out next visit 🙂

Hannah Plas says:

That amount of mayo!😳 How can you even taste anything?

Bruce Burns says:

Any chance of the recipe mixture approximately , I heard mayonnaise , marmite , English mustard , cayenne , he said something to start the mixture which I cant understand .

Bryan Herrera says:

"Good food makes you lose your manners." – John Quilter 2017 #thisisme

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