This is how you make eggs chimay | broiled eggs with mushroom sauce and cheese

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Learn how to make the classic oeufs chimay, delicious stuffed eggs filled with a duxelle of mushroom covered in mornay sauce and broiled in the oven. The perfect vegetarian starter!

This is a vegetarian snack that will both impress your friends and teach you some useful basic french culinary techniques such as ‘how to make’ a duxelle of mushrooms and the very versatile mornay sauce.

Cooking notes:
– The mushrooms need to be trimmed and chopped finely (a few seconds in a food processor will do the trick)
– The shallots needs to be also chopped finely
– When broiling the eggs put them on the second oven shelf at a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius (428 Fahrenheit) minimum. Leave them in the oven until the cheese on top melts and is a nicely browned. Don’t wait. These are ready to serve straight away.

Main ingredients :

– 4 to 5 eggs (depending on size)
– 20 grams of grated cheese to sprinkle over the eggs before broiling them.

Duxelle of mushroom:
– 200 grams of finely chopped button mushrooms (trim off the stems and reserve them to flavor the milk for the sauce)
– 1 medium size shallot (around 40 grams)
– 1 tablespoon of finely chopped parsley
– 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter

Mornay sauce:
– 30 grams of all purpose flour
– 30 grams of unsalted European style butter
– 500 ml of full cream milk (whole milk)
1 eggs yolk
– 30 grams of grated cheese (emmentaler, conte or cheddar cheese is fine)
– A pinch of rock salt
– A pinch of white pepper
– A quarter teaspoon of grated nutmeg
– Use the trimmings left from the mushrooms and shallots.
– 1 bay leaf (optional)

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Maggie H says:

Another brilliant and mouthwatering dish! But I would eat two for breakfast.

Peter Black says:

I love how the French consider a dish of eggs cream and cheese vegetarian.

Adam Cochran says:

TIL eggs are vegetarian.

Remco Johannes van Grevenbroek says:

Looks great but its not vegatarian. melk, cheese and ei are not veggie

Nulref says:

I just made this tonight. It was awesome and not as difficult as it first seemed. I didn't have nutmeg so I used a very small sprinkle of some truffle zest someone got me for Christmas. It was really delicious. Give this a try people.

Cheryl Anderson says:

I can believe that this was made for a queen. The creator must've imagined this out of sheer respect & admiration, to have come up with anything so unique, just to please & delight her. The word I want to use to describe this recipe is nothing short of precious, due to learning the history of it Thank you so much, for making this for us, so that we too can enjoy such a delicacy, which easily could've been lost to the fickle winds of time.

It was also a pleasure to watch you make this – step by step, as I tried to imagine where this was all going, though you did show us the finished product earlier, somehow I enjoyed the minutia & got swept up. Also, it struck me that – while each element used is commonplace, & I've handled all of these ingredients hundreds of times, not once did I ever imagine making this delightful little treasure.

I also learned how to make a true Mornay Sauce, which I hope to make soon. I too make a Bechamel, as my French extraction mom had taught me – with bay leaves, & a pinch of nutmeg, at times adding a pinch of dried mustard, & white pepper. These days though, I prefer the taste & health benefits of using a Himalayan pink or Celtic gray Sea salt. And how many times have I added a cheese to a white sauce, yet have never made it the way you prepared it, which made it a Mornay sauce, by introducing the minced onions, steeped in whole milk first, & adding it to the Bechamel later. That was a new concept for me, which makes such a difference, & I surely never would've considered adding the chopped egg yolk to the chopped mushroom, shallots, & fresh flat leaved parsley!

So thanks again for your cooking lessons here on YouTube! I've just discovered your channel, in the past few days, & have already found many dishes I'd like to try! Happy New Year!

Delbane Ren says:

As a vegetarian myself who cooks for a carnivorous wife on the regular, this is a fantastic main actually – here me out. My veggie diet contains cheese but not milk or butter (usually), so this presents as a heavy dish for my palette. But it would work perfectly as a main with a side of healthy vegetables (a kale salad perhaps if this was lunch, or carrots and beets if dinner ). Anyway just thinking out loud. Nice recipe and thanks for sharing, I’m going to give this one a try!

C Yama says:

Your dishes are the perfect soul for that gorgeous kitchen ! I love it Thanks! 😘

lemonade verbena says:

look delicious..usually I made egg with chilli sauce..I will try this..thanks for sharing. .

WiseGuy says:

Joyeux noel, Stephane ! A language question: How to pronounce "Duxelle" correctly in french ? "dussselle" or "duckselle"

Elizabeth Dunning says:

Is that an equal amount of flour and butter by weight or volume?

Izlare Lenix says:

French Vegan recipe: Step one, add butter…

Kay Allen says:

Not a vegetarian but this is an interesting idea – I'll use three per serving some morning soon.

D J Koenig says:

Looks great, but are eggs vegetarian… I wouldn't think so, but what do I know. For vegetarian (not vegan) I thought dairy is ok, but I'm not sure about eggs.

Daniel Abel says:

Screw vegetarian…no meal complete without meat….

sasa jELisavac says:

It is too much work for just a starter, but it is really good…
Try it with Italian Grappa scnhaps, just hit one quick shot of it, and then try the food…Its a whole new day after that…

Milosc Voimsus says:

Perfect Appetizer

R Cole says:

I tried this a while ago and it was delicious. The flavor is mild, at first the mornay tasted very light but when you bite into the mushroom..boom..i was expecting it to be bland.. and i think this recipe can be greatly improved and made more savory with additional spices like garlic, etc.

Richard M says:

I love your channel… yiur suggestions and recipes are very achievable

Truth Reigns Forever says:

Stefan is cool. You can tell he really enjoys cooking or “the culinary arts”

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