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BECOME A STUDENT OF OUR FRENCH ONLINE CULINARY SCHOOL TODAY! https://bit.ly/2KKgv1A This beef bourguignon recipe (red wine beef stew) is a staple food in France as it is perfectly suited for home cooking. This step by step video recipe will clearly show you how to recreate that dish and get those incomparable burgundy flavors on your table.

The Boeuf bourguignon dish is actually not called that way because of its wine but because the original recipe uses Beef from the burgundy region. of course nowadays we use any type of quality beef and if possible French wine but any full body red wine will do too.

Full recipe on the website:

Cook the stew in the oven (with the lid on) at 200 Celsius or 392 F for 2h to 2h.30 minutes

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Tweet Protocol says:

200 deg for 2.5 hrs "slow cook"? lol!

paul dow says:

Yes. Thank you. This looks very good. May I please have two baguettes and nice bottle of cabernet.
Thank you. Mercy beau coup.

Kendo 2 says:

WOW. I've been killing myself making Bourguignon. This method looks much easier.

D H says:

I always start with "a bit of motivation" 😀

Mariana Rangel says:

First time doing this dish and it was aaaaamazing!!! Paired it with the tartiflette (with camambert cheese) and everyone loved it!

Bom Mcjigger says:

So sad sniffles

keith cunningham says:

Lovely presentation, however I wouldn't lose the cooked vegetables.

nunya says:

Browning meat does not seal in juices. It flavors the food better.

goodboybuddy1 says:

For the love of god man, it’s NOT steer, it’s stur, like leur. Love you.

Paul Moran says:

French cuisine just uses too many pots and pans!!!

Chimp Scape says:

My God… I want it all, right now! :O

emily schwellenbach says:

this is the best way to get tender beef stew even if you dont use wine or bacon

And Haub says:

Excellent ,

mose david says:

Looks lovely mate! I have to say though that us Brit's have lets say, Lancashire Hotpot, Boiled beef n carrots, Shepherds pie, cottage pie and stew n dumplings etc etc. All fantastic but not such a faff! I saw the same recipe, one before yours – all in French and the pro chef guy just toasted the flour for 30 secs in a small pan. Saves cranking heat up in the oven. Personally I would make this in a slow cooker, put everything in but the potatoes.

Maria Schwartz says:

Too brown for me. Where’s the color . I can’t believe straining out those delicious vegetables to replace with perfect but far less tasty ones. I’ve made Julia Child’s boef bourgignon and its delicious.
I’ve loved everything else you’ve shown

Scotty G says:

Holy cow! This looks fabulous. Definitely going to try. Your instructions are exemplary!

jakemonster001 says:

No veal stock at my grocer. 🙁

Pete 952 says:

Searing meat "seals in the juices" is the biggest untruth in cooking history. You have the Maillard effect for flavor, but no food scientist Ever says it seals in juices.

justalurkr says:

How are you not leaving marks in the enameled cast iron pan with metal tools, please? If anything but silicone tools touch mine, the pot looks like the was street racing in there! This recipe looks amazing.

Dan Murphy says:


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