How to Make a Ramos Gin Fizz From the Sazerac Bar in New Orleans

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A bartender from the historic Sazerac Bar in New Orleans shows us how to make a Ramos Gin Fizz, one of our most iconic New Orleans cocktails. Find more of your favorite drinks right here: See the recipe below to make the Ramos Gin Fizz whenever you want at home!

Ramos Gin Fizz Recipe:
1 1/2 oz Gin
1 oz Simple Syrup
1 1/2 Egg Whites
1 1/2 Heavy Cream
1 oz Soda Water
Lemon and Lime juice

Chill a highball glass with ice and water. Let it sit.

Add 1 1/2 oz Gin, 1 oz simple syrup, dash of lemon and lime juice, 1 1/2 oz egg whites, 1 1/2 oz heavy cream, and 1 1/2 oz orange flower water to a shaker.

Add ice and shake until ingredients get fizzy.

Remove water and ice from the highball glass and add 1 oz of soda water. Slowly pour the mixture through a strainer and into the glass, elevating the shaker as you pour.

Top the cocktail with a splash of soda water.

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Cory Wright says:

Yes, she definitely just misspoke regarding the orange flower water—it should only be a few drops or so.

ren ren ren says:

Lol did I hear wrongly? An ounce and a half of orange blossom water?!

Pabler Arav says:

Most people use just a few drops of the blossom water, whereas I like to use 5-7… But an ounce and a half? All you'd be able to taste is the orange flower. Way to perfumey.

Gerald deGroot says:

I like a little nutmeg on top

Dean Barnett says:

I'm not sure I'd drink one, but it was fun to watch it being made.

gillsmcmerm says:

You should visit the Joint. BEST PULLED PORK EVER!!!!

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