Smoky Sweet Potato Chilli | DJ BBQ

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This spicy meat free chilli recipe with chunks of sweet potato and protein rich black beans makes a mean mid-week meal choice. DJ BBQ shows us how to create smoky BBQ flavour without the need for an outdoor grill which, teamed with the chilli and tomato base, makes for a mouthwatering dish.

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Youdontknowyet says:

I make this recipe allllll the time. It’s a crowd favourite

Kay Cyrus says:

Reskining Jamie Olivier One Pot Chilli recipe, exact same recipe and ingredients

Marc Taylor says:

Its like your school friends dad trying to be cool.

Eggs and Ham says:

im from austria and it's not really an austrian dish but it's made alot here: goulash. very simple stew but delicious as hell and alot of variations.

mendel gniwisch says:

@dj how do I PM you a classic Tunisian fish dish that you absolutely must try!! This is one of those that you don't want to miss….

Luks Sembro says:

From Austria: Kalbsgulasch

Paul says:

Hey man loved this video!Growing up in Northern Ireland my fave dish was Scotch Broth,beautiful veggies and amazing lamb.Could you make this?🇨🇦🍀

Cal Logtenberg says:

Good recipe, but my lord this guy is annoying.

Dawn Farrelly says:

I love this dish have this at least twice a month thank you for this and much more

Youdontknowyet says:

It’s been years since this was uploaded but I had to say this is me and my boyfriends go
Too Chili recipe! Amazing!

Forest Green says:

3:45 how he caught that in his hand 👌🏼

SYN30STM says:

Dang, looks delicious but too much ingrediants for me. I've been looking for a chili more plant base and I think I found it. Dang. Just need some veggies on the side. Ufff

R Thomas says:

American people 🙄

TheMinarus says:

5:23 From there it sounds like a pornstar who just blew a load onto a girls face lol

GRIMPolitoed says:

Im making this now. I cant wait until its done.

Wash City says:

What about liquid smoke?

Simon Kefas says:

Overacting while cooking besides… nice recipe… but seriously has anyone been so stupid as to put burning wood chips in the oven? Use smoke paprika on the sweet potatoes instead …….

The Higher Taste says:

Is this guy cool or crazy?

Faizah Alkatheri says:

I think Jamie recreated it recipe recently.

Bladeraid says:

You should name the video with : "how to burn down your house with a wood smoke flavour" xD

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