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Here’s the last of our low FODMAP Fridays. A classic and family favourite. Spaghetti bolognese is such a go to for so many people and this one is great for anyone transitioning to plant based diet or struggling with digestive issues.

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totoro myneighbour says:

I've been having a terrible time with mushrooms, so nice to know I can eat oyster mushrooms! Making this tomorrow.

Mango Sky says:

Yes please. I'd like to know how to grow oyster mushrooms

Sonya Trejo says:

Lentils are low-FODMAP? I thought all legumes were out?

LDN Vegans says:

Amazing video, guys! So pleased to see you doing a low fodmap recipe!

Bobby Kenny says:

Vegan low FODMAP diet is pretty much impossible without Tofu. Spuds are also essential. I'd have no hope of consuming enough calories/protein without them. This recipe looks great though. Will probably swap out the rice noodles for potatoes though

L. Aramburo says:

oh man love binge watching your channel! where can i find the recipe measurements etc?

Sinead Ryan says:

How do you start an oyster mushroom or a sprout farm?? I'm a student so any tips would be great!!

dadan2000 says:

Please share some shroom growing knowledge

Marie says:

this dish is absolutely hooooooooot

Paul Molina says:

I wanna see how you grow mushrooms

haley harkin says:

Yes to mushroom videos!

avg88883 says:

Corn-rice pasta!

Love Letters from Lori says:

Yes, please show how you'll grow oyster mushrooms…they will be amazing to grow & have in my own garden❣ tnx

mariam baker says:

Love these Vegan Low Fodmap recipes. Much gratitude and would love more ideas. Cheers

mysenf says:

I cooked it right now and its so delicious. Thank you. I caught a cold and did not want to spend much time for cooking. This Bolognese ist easy, fast, healthy and tasty. Thanks a lot.

J. Wondrak says:

Thanks as always :-)! Will try it out soon. And Yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us the mushroom informations. I would like to grow some too. Have a great week guys!

Fraser Finlay says:

Red lentil pasta is my personal favourite gluten free pasta! 🙂

Mafalda Cintra says:

This Low Fodmap recipes is so great!!

Lessons for Suzy says:

Making this for dinner 😉

Jasmine Flores says:

Yes grow shrooms!!

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