Spanish Chorizo & Potato Stew | Omar Allibhoy

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Food Tubers! We have a new face on the channel! Please welcome Omar Allibhoy, a superb Spanish chef, who’s brought his incredible recipe for a one pot chorizo and potato stew. With a real deep, rich broth… it’s basically a BIG HUG in a bowl. Served with a hunk of bread, what more can you ask for?
Let us know what you thought guys. What would you like to see Omar cook up for you next time? Leave a comment in the box below!

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Turkear Gajeel says:

Is "gratis"!!!! In indonesia it means "Free"

john knowles says:

Could you do one for Frito Mallorquin, i've watched a cpl on youtube but i really think you would make a better video for a beginner like myself. Look forward to seeing it if you would do one. Thank you

sam says:

Why was mine so thin? It hardly thickened at all

Koala says:

Para ser honesto tengo que decir que no he aprendido a hacer Patatas a la riojana, pero sí un poco de inglés. 😏

razzor ramone says:

No a bad soup,cooked it twice now,second time added a cup of chickpeas and some left over mushrooms,nothing compares to an english stew tho

Blake Smith says:

“It may look like a lot of onion, but this recipe is for six.”

Nah, mate. This recipe is for me.

Safa Dimo says:

More Spanish recipes plz

CerpinTxt87 says:

How are these potatoes done in 30 minutes…?

Sophisticated One says:

so rich with flavor and hair

Mad Flavour says:

The Lord Commander of the kitchen.

Dervil Fleming says:

This has become a staple in my house.w love it

Baghuul says:

This is almost the same thing as an authentic Hungarian Gulyas. Minus the beef

LeftistUprising says:

I'd love to see you make the Patata Bravas Sauce NOT made of aiolli, but out of broth, corn starch, and paprika.

Kev Shirtcliffe says:

Thanks Matt Berry, great dish.

Tábata Gomes Lopes says:

I can't find the recebi. It's not available on the site.

Crosis89 says:

i learned so much from this guy. wow. amazing, thank you so much!

L e says:

Tried this recipe tonight! My first time cooking spanish food. AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! Thank you!

mydirtyundiesdude says:

mine doesn't quite get that thick texture we see here at the end, still tasty though!

James Wilkinson says:

How to absolutely not cut up potatoes unless you want to go to A&E

Dobra Bielinski says:

if you would be so kind as to make the recipe for fabada asturiana it was one of the best dishes I had when I was in Spain

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