Ultimate Vegetarian Spaghetti Recipe

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The ultimate vegetarian spaghetti recipe by my dad Chef Ralph, our special guest on Pots, Pans, and Priscilla today. Maybe we can call it “Loaded Vegetarian Spaghetti”? How about SUPER Veggie Spaghetti? We weren’t sure what to call it. If you like a flavorful veggie spaghetti than this dish is for you!
Calamata Olives
Dinosaur Kale
Sweet Visalia Onion
Garlic Cloves
Thin Spaghetti
Petite Tomatoes
Low Sodium Cannellini Beans

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Jeepergirl says:

# ChefRalph, can't wait to try the recipe. Love watching you and your dad cooking.

Rotten Eggs says:

Your great cook you three ,your blouse suite you And the sleeves are pretty

Dizzy Izzy says:

I’m from Washington!

GBart says:

New sub here, im a bit confused whose ur real dad , chef wayne or chef ralph ? Been watching fathering autism too 🙂

Gail Evans says:

Love your Dad..he is just delightful. How old were you when your parents seperated if I am not bei ng to nosey. You have a great relationship.it is a credit to all your parents. Will br trying this recipe. Our kale in australia is like leather will lom around for different types.

Harmony Love says:

I’m vegetarian! I love cayenne pepper tho. I put on everything! I also made my own spice mix with the ingredients on Tony’s creole seasoning without adding the salt and with a extra spice. 🙂

T G says:

Looks delicious to me … #ChefRalph .. thanks for sharing this dish with us.

April B Woods says:

Hey Chef Dad…your daughter scares me by the way she holds her knife with her pointer finger out. I think of Chef Anne Burrell everytime I see her do it because on her show she takes a red sharpie and marks on the finger to remind them to tuck the finger down.

Pam LaBarr says:

Sounds yummy thank you chef Ralph can't wait to try it .

yvonne creekbaum says:

I am so exicited because my granddaughter is a Vegan and I am not and know little to nothing about cooking vegan or vegaterian. I am going to make her this sauce when she comes home one weekend just to suprise her, This makes me so happy, Please tell you father thank you for sharing his receipes with us I use to love cooking with my father after we took a chinese cooking class. We would just giggle, cuss at our techniques, you get what I am saying. Just the best memories. Blessings

Megan Smith says:

If you think about it the Olives are the "meat" of the dish! 🙌

TeacherTeacher says:

I love your dad!!

Kate Razler says:

#chefRalph love it have to try this

Christina Freeani says:

"Gettin happy" ….. I always say "makin love" 🤣

Christina Freeani says:

Dang girl!!!! I watch fathering autism but I didnt realize PPP would have so many vegan (sans cheese) recipes!!! You're rockin my world!!!!! 😋

Crystal Smith-Johnson says:

I love the videos with your dad 💜

Emmie Johnson says:

#chef Ralph❤💚💜💙💛

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