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This week I made Vegan Beefless Beef Nachos! This easy vegan recipe can be made in about 20 minutes and will satisfy any craving you have for cheese or comfort food! Make these nachos to share with your friends or eat them all to yourself, I’m not here to judge!

The full recipe:

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ttmobaleaaa says:

I will definitely try this nacho recipe on a Friday night soon. When I try this recipe I will be having these nachos with some beers. 🍻 😋

Kassandra Goulet says:

Omg looks so good 😍! I might add caramelized onions or crispy tofu 🔥

PopNerdvana says:

What kind or what was in the cheese/queso sauce you used? I haven't seen much if any vegan queso sauce out there.

Matt Klinger says:

What's that nacho cheese sauce?

Matt Klinger says:

2:30 you need a sharper knife

Steffaniee15 says:

Hey John! Sorry if you’ve already answered this, but I know you’re from Canada (I live in Pickering) so I’m wondering if you travelled to Trader Joes in the states for those ingredients or if there’s one here I don’t know of?!

PinggWingg says:

Yeah you are right. The layering is essential! Looks delicious. Buenos nachos! 🙂 😛 Try this: after halving the tomato, put the skin-side down on the cutting board and cut through the inside first. Or/and: make sure your knives are as sharp as you are 😉 The latter really does the trick for cutting tomatoes even when cutting through the skin-side first!

LaFilleCoppertone says:

you are so fucking hot

Brieann Jasmine says:

whole bean or refried beans and corn!

Joanne Bouchard says:

I've been vegan for over 6 years now, I hated all vegan cheese up until about a year ago. Now, I'm addicted to Chao Original and Earth Island cheddar. Now, I make my own nacho cheese from Hot For Food and a jalapeño mozzarella like cheese. So good! I'm really enjoying your videos. I saw you on Edgy Veg mukbang.

sharalli says:

Cauliflower! Pinch Of Yum has a ridiculously delicious cauliflower walnut taco “meat” recipe. I make it in batches and use it for nachos, burrito bowls, tacos…. basically everything and everything.

linzertube says:

Nachos are a perfect meal. I do love some crunch in my food. I might put a few little dollops of refried black beans on that, too. Can’t wait to check out your cheese recipe. It looks gooood!

Sandra Ledezma says:

OMG!! The beans!! Oh and don't forget a good salsa verde or roja😂

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Great recipe! I love how you used both store bought vegan cheese and a home made cheesy sauce, so you get both a saucy and gooey cheese. Saving this to make soon. Thank you!

Karen Kingrey says:

Just watched you & Candice on her channel. So I figured I’d stop by & say hello. Loved the nachos!!! Looking forward more great videos!!! 😊

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Found your channel through The Edgy Veg, and I’m so glad I did! Subscribed!

Kaittbeth says:

Yess finally someone who understands the importance of layering when making nachos!

Evelyn Castaneda says:


LeLouBeauty says:

“A lot of vegan cheese is terrible.” You’re not wrong. 😂

vallellio1 says:

Black beans & corn would be sweet in there too.

Looks awesome, gotta make it for my vegan buddy during a Bowl Game!

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