Perfect Polish Pierogi with Damian Kordas | Jamie Oliver

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Polish Masterchef winner, Vlogger, vet, chef and author Damian Kordas made a call out on social media to cook with Jamie and he had to make it happen! Jamie and Damian got together to create some stunning Polish Pierogi, the perfect festive treat, and a staple in most Polish kitchens around the festive season. Check out how they make them and perhaps give these impressive dumplings a go this year!

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chilldude22 says:

ja lubie polska jedzenia

Maureen Hannivan says:

Nice video💝💞

Felicia Anita says:

His laugh is so infectious!

Dominic says:

Can I lick the sour cream off Damian?

Anthony Spiteri says:

I love the humor.

memyselfand ifarmer says:


Sonia Hamilton says:

Those pierogies look delicious!!

¡buen provecho! says:

Damian should have said that we drink pierogis with barszcz(barshch).

Marek Zubert says:

That twat is discrace. He was in master chef. I feel sorry for ambassadors like that.

bryk bryk says:

That's…."something" is not PIEROGI…. This is JOKE!!!! Shame…. 🙁

Aneta Maciag says:

Looks amazing ❤️

Rose123 Rose123 says:

And I talk little bit polish

Rose123 Rose123 says:

Am from lreland

Krzysztof Platek says:

Funny like people still thinking in stereotyped way about drunk polish nation. Specially when that's coming out of the Brits. When I lived in UK, I had never in my live saw scenes like them at the weekends late night… tons of absolutely pissed people, loud and with no control. In my opinion Brits drink much more than polish people.

Wooden Eye says:

The funnyst show with the polish guy… I love it… It was…. Dobry…. ✔

Tara says:

Perhaps Im not up to date on proper pierogi snobbery, but I understood him to say the CHEESE was traditional, I dont recall hearing him claim the entire recipie was. It seems like a sound and tasty recipie, one I will try. And to salute all the piergi police in the comments, I will surely be pouring a shot of vodka at 6:01! Bravo Jamie and Damien!

Eve Hopskin says:

1 egg 1 meat 1 vegetable and 1 filler = pierogi

Martin Slovák says:

Pierogi are not Polish but Slovak. Poland stole the recipe.

Tomasz Leszczuk says:

This is not a police recipe. I am Polish and that is NOT how we eat pierogi. We never eat them with smoked cheese or jam. Cabbage and mushroom or meat are the ingredients(filling). REMOVE THAT MISLEADING VIDEO FROM YOU TUBE.Rubbish.

Polski partacz w jukej says:

That is not traditional polish cheese.
BTW i am Polish and this is not Christmas Eve dish

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