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Carrot cake recipe:

Hello lovely people,
Let’s have a fika together in today’s video! I share my recipe for yummy vegan and gluten free carrot cake squares and answer all your questions that you sent me on instagram. Hope you enjoy!

Malin x


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Thyminina says:

Wow! I made this cake for my birthday and it was not only beautiful but the most delicious thing i have eaten in a while !!!! My guests enjoyed it as well thank you so much for this recipe !!

Margaret B says:

I absolutely loved how natural and confident you felt during thus video! Your smile made me smile as well! <3
Also, the recipe was amazing! I will definitely be trying it out!

* Plant Based Princess says:

Another great video. You are both so skilled and talented. I do have a question. My husband and I avoid oiIs. Is there a substitution for the oil in the recipe? It looks so delicious!!!

Mendo Yogi says:

Thank you for making these amazing videos. They are so calming and I have to admit when my anxiety kicks in hard I like to watch them and they help me so much. I am wondering if you went to culinary school and do you make these recipes up yourself?

Angeles Gutierrez says:

Beautiful video.

No Sin Foodie says:

Lovely video 🙂
Is the third edition on photography book is still good enough for beginners (Q more for Rob, I guess :)) Thank you!

Lucy Huron says:

There are a lot of vegan vlogs in the social media space but you are unique in that your authentic self radiates in your unpretentious humble dialog. Continue to follow your heart and passion in what you share and your following will continue to grow.

The Honey Boost says:

That cake looks absolutely delicious! I don't bake often but when I do, I like to follow simple recipes like this one. Thanks for sharing and for the nice Q/A! 🙂

Lucia R says:

Crazy about this video, beatitude is the word: music + ASMR + photo + the recipe = heaven 🙂

Will Tapley says:

Are you vegan all the time? Plant foods lack vitamin A, B12, D3, K2, omega 3 (as EPA and DHA), creatine, choline and cholesterol.

Daniela Nereu says:

Fennel tea is also my tea:) Carrot cake is my favourite cake:)

ymb6987 says:

First, you made my birthday cake – little did you know LOL Next, the Fika time was well spent – love all of the Q&A! Your videos are lovely, stunning, and inspiring Malin…thank you and Rob for sharing your talent, time, and energy with your growing channel!

Florentia Nazim says:

can u add measures for uk use

Galina Darrow says:

Lovely! ❤️

Diedre Rettig -Hill says: and Rob are so lovely and I will make your carrot cake squares..I use Happy Cow App here in USA ( East Texas).thanks for your Q & A Fika video..looking to see more videos..sending more high vibes n love to you both 🌿🌱💐🥰.

TheWriter25 says:

The cinematography (not sure if that is the right word) is very good! I am an avid baker, though not vegan or gluten free, but I love carrot cake. Definitely going to try the recipe with some tweaks for the walnuts/almonds (nut allergy).

Sarah Bird says:

Defo gonna be making the carrot cake…..please yes do a yoga video 😀

Michele A says:

This was so lovely!!! Thank you for answering so many questions!!!

Holistically Clean&Clear says:

This was so lovely to watch! I love cooking and you really inspire me to start a channel or even a blog…which I’ve been contemplating it for years. I’m not creative so I’m discouraged because I don’t feel that I will offer anything pleasing to the eye. My husband and I also recently moved to the city. I’m hoping to make friends here where I live but it’s difficult because I work remote. If you’re ever in NYC, I’d love to meet for tea! You’re the quintessential girlfriend I’d like to have in my life. I’m greenloleeta on IG <3

– Lola

Bethan Strange says:

That cake looks delicious – this was such a lovely video idea, Malin. It seemed like you were having a lot of fun with the questions. Would love to see more fika-esque videos, even just where you chat about things you're interested in lately rather than needing a Q&A. You spoke so fluidly and confidently in this video (not that you don't always, ofc!), and it was so lovely to listen to you. Also "if it sounds naff" gave me a good chuckle – such a good Britishism.
PS. 30?! You still look 20!!!

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