4 EASY Air Fryer Recipes for beginners!

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These are the easiest Air Fryer recipes…perfect for those who are new to the air fryer.

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Here is the Air Fryer I use and love: https://amzn.to/2M6vrXf

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Here are the links to the recipes:
Bacon: https://jenniferbanz.com/air-fryer-bacon
Chicken Wings: https://jenniferbanz.com/air-fryer-chicken-wings
Brussels Sprouts: https://jenniferbanz.com/air-fryer-brussels-sprouts

Herbed Chicken Breast Recipe:

2 chicken breast
2 Tablespoons salted butter, softened
1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Mix the seasonings into the butter and spread the mixture onto the chicken breast. Place in the air fryer and cook at 370 for 10-15 minutes. Check for doneness with a meat thermometer. My favorite brand on Amazon https://amzn.to/2WPEtvm (affiliate link). Looking for 165F


Eleanore Rainey says:

So happy I got mine for Christmas! This is my very first time using it… Frozen onion rings. Perfect. Intend to do more with this thing as I go along!

Noxious Rooster says:

perfect….thanks for the video just bought mine x

Tyler Minaj says:

Love your video!! <3

Rayne says:

Thank you for the ideas! Does the air fryer require oil for cooking?

Bettye's Cooking Channel says:

The Brussel Sprouts look delicious.

Kate Kingston says:

Love this video, I'm waiting for my air fryer and cannot wait to try it.

gmanpomp says:

great video – quick and to the point! I'm an air fryer newbie and your techniques worked well in my emeril pressure/air fryer.

Sally Kasper says:

I got 1 too at Walmart, it was a sale and I am loving it. Thanks for sharing your video.

Keto Calibrated says:

Thank you Jennifer! New subscriber here. Been Keto for two years, and just got a ninja a fryer this week. Thanks for your tips, so helpful!

Gloria Thomas says:

Great video thank you, I'm new to all this my friend gave me her air fryer to try. I love it but the problem I find with it is the basket is too small and it has the wire basket.
So I noticed your air fryer was a newer model! What make is it P,ease I think I need to upgrade to a newer model. 🐩
Keep sharing your tips please I love them

Lynn Thigpen says:

Does everything come out crispy? What can you cook for tenderness?

Matthew Hall says:

Truly enjoyed your video thank you!!

Matthew Hall says:

I just got my new air fryer lid for my instant pot ultra. NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!

G Pow says:

A wonderful plump country woman who can cook! I'm in love!

M She says:

Thank you. Would love Keto Instant Pot recipes.

bikesonboats says:

That's a ridiculous way to season the chicken.

S S says:

thank you. Used this vid to figure out the timing for my chicken breasts. It came out perfect.

Diana Gibson says:

I can’t believe someone that takes time out to show us the basic, you all dog her, everyone cooks different., but no one doesn’t out do grand moms lol

TheStncld357 says:

Great videom , many thanks

Marta Trujillo says:

When I took the basket out for sheking , I couldn’t start again, came with cl5

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