Ham, egg and chips

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I absolutely love this English pub classic, ham egg and chips! So, I’ve recreated this in my own fun style. Griddled gammon and pineapple with a potato rosti, crushed peas and topped with a perfect fried egg. It’s such a fun little recipe that gives a nicer twist to the original dish.


1 x Gammon Steak
10g x Butter
1 x Cup Peas
1 x Pineapple ring
1 x Tsp wholegrain mustard
1 x Potato
2 x Eggs

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Declan Bell says:

From a working chef, normal chips would be fine

GFSTaylor says:

That's one of the most pretentious things I've ever seen on YouTube. If you want something straightforward as ham, egg and chips, who the hell's going to bother with all the fiddly presentation this involves ? After all the effort in creating it, you have break it up before you can actually eat it. If I wanted to impress someone, I wouldn't be cooking ham, egg and chips!
What a load of bollocks this is.

YNWA says:

Simple but very tasty British food.

Camilla Gregori says:


Amanda Latchman says:

This is the coolest dish I have ever seen on YouTube, I am definitely going to recreate it at home! Thanks Ian!

Helen G says:

Can you teach us how to make good lasagne, especially the béchamel sauce? I hate buying jars of sauces because I like to know what's in my food.

Lisa James says:

Love this it's fun, fresh & so easy 👍🏻

Charlotte Turner says:

That's insane! I love it!

Sophie Clifford says:

Omg this looks so good!!

Kels says:

Wow!! Definitely never heard of this dish but would love to try it! I had to look up what gammon was. I assumed it was some type of ham by the way it looked. Beautiful presentation, I bet it was absolutely delicious. Thank you for the wonderful recipe and video!

Healthy Recipe Channel says:

Beautiful looking, maybe a little of a logistical issue scarfingit down but beautiful and delicious I have no doubt.

Meredith Walker says:

Awesome video as always…need to stop watching them when I'm hungry though 🙈😂

WTG15WTG17 says:

yes but won't actual eating it get difficult?!?! seems like you would have to separate it for eating or risk it falling over all over the place!

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