The Best Modern Weeknight Meals: One-Hour Broiled Chicken and Pan Sauce & Modern Cauliflower Gratin

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Modern Weeknight Meals Test cook Becky Hays makes Bridget the perfect One-Hour Broiled Chicken and Pan Sauce. In the Equipment Corner, expert Adam Ried reviews blenders, and then test cook Tim Chin wraps up the episode by making Julia the ultimate Modern Cauliflower Gratin.

Make Our One-Hour Broiled Chicken and Pan Sauce:
Make Our Modern Cauliflower Gratin:
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Tampabruh says:

You're always making mouth watering dishes!

George B says:


Julie Bridge says:

Love the chicken recipe! Maybe I'll make that tonight! I would use all the fat in the juice, yummy flavor!

Tech Sam says:

What temp should the broiler setting on the oven be for the chicken recipe?

HickoryDickory86 says:

Tim is adorable, and this gratin looks amazing! I just might have to give this a whirl.

Beyond Amazing says:

Please make more episodes I love ❤️ the show.

Amy Wagnell says:

Tim is so sweet! More Tim!!

Dee Brocklehurst says:

I love this channel so much, this chicken receipt is delicious. I watched this recipe like a month ago and I have already made this chicken 4 times. It’s so good.

Rod McDonald says:

I made the cauliflower and it was the bomb.

Michael Nichols says:

I only wish ATK would include the prep time in their episodes. Most of the time they have their aromatics already prepped and spices already chopped which may be more than 30 minutes or so of time. I have often found I need to double the estimated time ATK gives when making a recipe. Not playing fair…

skornd713 says:

What of you have a broiler at the bottom of the oven where you dont have 12" of space from the top of the broiler to the top of the chicken?

Michael Bryant says:

That cauliflower dish looks delicious and reminds me of Mac n Cheese. Incan already tell and just from this video that THIS dish will be my new go-to for Mac n Cheese substitute.

emilios man says:

Love your shows! Excellent but may I suggest Vitamix is one of the best things I even bought. .. expensive, yes…you will not regret!

Mr. Scoops says:

Brevil ? Vitamix!

Mark Strouthes says:

Super easy, barely an inconvenience!

Martha Crawley says:

It looks soooo delicious, yummmm.😋 thank you 😃😀

Frankness777 says:

Becky is like Julia Child morphed with Carol Burnett. That works for me.

Tandem Bicycle says:

Excellent video. I will try this. Love roasted chicken ❤️👍🏾

Esther Herzog says:

The cauliflower gratin looks delicious. And I feel like I know Tim already, his presentation style is so real and unpretentious! Keep up the good work.

M Holb says:

Why not use vermouth or white wine in that sauce for the chicken? It would take it to the next level.

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