Unforgettable Fan Favorite Recipes: Garlic Fried Chicken and Crispy Parmesan Potatoes

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Bridget makes Julia our super popular Garlic Fried Chicken. Adam shows Julia our winning enamel cast-iron skillet. Finally, Ashley shows Bridget how to make a Cast-Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Make our Garlic Fried Chicken: https://cooks.io/2Q60MtR
Make our Crispy Parmesan Potatoes: https://cooks.io/2Q3SHG2
Buy our winning Dutch oven: https://cooks.io/2DvpHFx
Buy our winning baking sheet: https://cooks.io/2OTFRd8

Click here to watch more Cook’s Country Season 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfeKSawhUI&list=PLnbzopdwFrnZdrKrFEb_KPn0Ihozdu4QW

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linda lopez says:

Omg! Those potatoe chips! 👌🏻

linda lopez says:

That chicken looked so good 🤩

linda lopez says:

So happy! I happened the buy the Cuisinart ! I got mine from home goods for about $80.00 😀

james holt says:


TK N says:

Would love to be able to buy each seasons shows with recipes that were searchable on CD???

Robert Hunter says:

Wow, watching Ashley and Bridget get their frico on was hot. XD Seriously, Frico is a traditional dish of Friuli, a region in North-East Italy, consisting mainly of heated cheese and, optionally, other ingredients, such as potatoes (so, you nailed it). I remember, back in the late sixties/early seventies, my dad would make crescent dogs (before they were really popular), and the cheese would melt out of the ends onto the pan (he used a sharp cheddar). After the pan cooled a little, my sisters and I would almost argue over the frico left behind, it was a real treat. Funny how a lot of favorite foods are derived from accidents and mistakes. I also had a friend that would make frico chips using Parmesan, basil and lemon zest, we had it with a tossed salad (oil and balsamic vinaigrette), and Lasagna. I think I ate more chips than lasagna 😛

barbara cotie says:

Omg great recipe. Love cooks country with you two!!


Hi,my name is JOHNNY BRISCOE I'm looking for the PORK LION RECIPE that shows roasted peaches or apples being served with it and a gravy or sauce being poured over the pork loin, in between Mr. Jack Bishop and Mr.Adam Ried on this video at the intro?

Andrew Lm says:

Interesting that they are now calling out steps in which you should wash your hands after completing. Were people such sheep that they didn’t realize they needed to wash their hands after handling raw meat if the instructions didn’t tell them?

Cee1505 says:

Oh My, can't wait to try these!

Trentelenten says:

Did she really say that black pepper has a kick to it?

travellingbirder says:

Any chance you could provide subtitles for native English speakers. What the heck is Kosher salt – blessed by a Rabbi?

Luke Skywalker says:

do you think when she said “ooh so it has a little kick to it” she was talking about the salt

Noel Carreaga says:

Why so many "Hello's" ??

Noel Carreaga says:

The Portly gal sure loves to eat, and it shows, 😇😇

Noel Carreaga says:

The chunky woman (Julia) can sure get down when it comes to eating the test cooking 😛😛😛LOL !!!

John Werner says:

Loved the episode. For me this way a new take on fried chicken adding a huge crispy and savory complimentary taste. Same for potatoes! The info on enameled Dutch Oven was welcome as I have yet to spring for the Le Creuset. Now I know the straighter sidewalls are as important as if they prove to be durable. I always find the most useful cooking information, recipes and tips, in the most compact time in these Test Kitchen shows. I'm very grateful for the shows being made available here.

Frank Gerlach says:

There's a reason cooks, bakers and Chefs wear hats, as finding someone's hair in your food is a definite appetite destroyer. Being too picky?

John Pratt says:

I don't like bone in chicken or wings, so can you make this with boneless skinless breasts?

Penélope Lavender says:

Love you are on YouTube💗💗💗💗 going to make this 🍗🍠🧀

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