Bring It on Down to Wrappinville – SNL

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Christmas wrapping singers (Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon) duke it out with a vendor (Aidy Bryant) for business over the holidays. [Season 39, 2013]


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Nidia Luccioni says:

Hey good rapping Bring it on Down Wrappinville SNL.

killeralien343 says:

How is the song in 4:56 called i think i habe heard it before bit i dont remember the name

debzilla says:

How the hell is that chick staying in the audience???

jason wehner says:

Aidy Bryant is so unfunny…snl needs to show her the door.

Kim Capri says:

Aidy is right up there with the greats. Smart, funny, professional.

Matt Marino says:

Pretty sure this is the ONLY sketch Fallon didn't break and ruin it with his giggling

Jay Lee says:

2:35 "Holy moly"….lol She handled that well though!

Preventaš Asaš says:

Jimmy Fallon is so awesome in SNL, and so annoying in his show

The Next Level Devil says:

You know the second time around someone told her to shut the fuck up

Mattathias Macabees says:

She called her out beautifully with "holy moly" very clever without breaking character.

Dave S. says:

Someone should have given that shrieking lady a deck to sack so she'd shut the hell up.

Chris Ranz says:

It's so great to see comedy that doesn't include politics this is so innovative well all I got to say it's a wrap

Danae Unrine says:

You gotta admit, Justin and Jimmy have unbelievable chemistry.

CicKiz says:

Find that woman and hang her

Rosanne Gailey says:

Ice rink in the senior center oh I just can’t wait duh.

stealthboy316 says:

Is someone getting molested in the crowd

Belle Greycats says:

“ I’m just sayin’, I had a Deck, and Needed to be Sacked, So he sacked my Deck. He’s actually a very skilled Deck Sacker” ‘ Well… That explains Everything. 😜

duncanblue124 says:

I do not get why this is funny to people or why this is one of the most popular skits of snl. there are so many other great skits out there

Scurlett Ohura says:

I wonder if that annoying screaming t at saw this on tv and screamed at home that that was her screaming all proud of herself, when in reality everyone is just pissed off and annoyed at her that she interupted and slightly ruin a really good skit.

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