Cheats Sausage Roll | Jamie Oliver

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This is a super easy but absolutely brilliant sausage roll recipe. Jamie shows us a couple of little cheats making home made sausage rolls completely accessible and totally desirable. That moment you get it out the oven and the sausagemeat and pastry is still warm, now that is a magical moment! And enough of a reason alone to give this a go! Get rolling, rolling, rolling…

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Justin Y. says:

Making these now

beeman2075 says:

A good sausage roll dipped in tomato ketchup is the best comfort food, right next to toasted ham and cheese sandwiches on a cold winter day.


cheese stuffed pork sausage rolls with oregano and chilli

rafdannyboy says:

Jamie!! My sausage rolls are soggy what's going on? I've put partridge in with it too and it taste great but not hard or crispy

siegann genavieve says:

Jamie oliver you was crafted by the gods me and my boys have been cooking from watching your videos currently in heaven eating these sausage rolls thank you and goodnight ๐Ÿ˜™

Dave d'Video Maker says:

I would season the sausage filling with a Knorr pork stock cube ground into a powder.

Leanne Hilton says:

I enjoyed making these yesterday with my 7 year old son!
Thank you for making it easy and quick to make delicious homemade food!

Wells Tyiebbe says:

Going make one with steak and sausage and churrio

Man's not Bot says:

Don't judge me, but it's amazing with minced lamb and lamb sausages too!

Chris Goddard says:

Ive used hotdog sausage with tomatoe sauce and hotdog mustard.

Akash Rox says:

God : What do you wish for?

Me : A heatproof mouth like Jaime.

Ardie Lopez says:

Gordon would love this

tony gilbert says:

I'm in the us what do they taste like

Eric Dammeyer says:

What would be a alternative to the sausage bought in the Netherlands

Bruce Alford says:

Delicious and mustard and sage and cranberry sauce as well๐Ÿ˜‹

lauralynch52 says:

I make sausage rolls with either Sweet chili sauce or orange marmalade and rosemary, they are delish and so easy to freeze and have at any time ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐ŸŠ

Iain Clark says:

3:04 I wanted to see how you'd lift it onto the tray!

Sha Amos says:

another goodie!

SaleenE34 says:

Honey mustard dipping sauce or horseradish cream sauce would be amazing with that

John McCabe says:

What is English mustard?

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