Easy Tuna Pasta Bake | KerryAnn Dunlop

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If you’re looking for great recipes to feed your family you’ll love our new channel: http://jamieol.com/FamilyFoodTube. You’ll find tasty meals for all ages that will save you time, money and give you top tips on getting your kids making healthier choices. Here mum of two KerryAnn Dunlop shares her family classic Tuna Pasta Bake. Meaty tuna and penne pasta in a rich tomato and basil sauce topped with cheese and baked until deliciously golden. Simple, affordable ingredients turned in to a winning dish in no time at all.

What other classic dishes do you cook at home? Tell us in the comments below, and if you want more inspiration check out our new channel: http://jamieol.com/W9dAml Family Food Tube where you will find tons of easy, affordable and healthy recipes perfect for the whole family no matter their ages. You can also check out KerryAnn’s The Family Cookbook here: http://jamieol.com/i2MUT1 or head over to her channel here: http://jamieol.com/52nT9v

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mickeygoesferal says:

Hi guys Im a recently single dad and am seeking some assistance from you kind folk…. my two boys love pasta type dishes like me but I cant cook My late wife was a great cook… I like this recipe and will try it. If you have seen simple but tasty recipes you have tried on YouTube please comment the links…. I'm kinda getting overwhelmed tbh just need a bit of help to give my boys a home cooked treat like their mum used to do… Damm i miss her so much…..

James Russell says:

Lovely meal girl

K1MB3RL3Y88 says:

If my hairline was that far back I'd have a fringe cut in…..

Ismat Shaikh says:

Sooo very easy! Thanks a lot!

Klassky17 KingKlassky says:

is this jo jo siwas mom

Mathius S says:

Garlic breadcrumbs and Jelepinos on top go well with this

Naomie B houston says:

Thank you for this amazing and simple recipe! I made this today and followed your recipe.

I also cut up some bacon, onion, sun dried tomatoes and basil. Topped it with Parmesan cheese ……

And ooooh boy!! Was amazing 🤤

ferg span says:

Im forehead I haven’t seen this before

VerelLupin says:

Making this right now. Thank you for the great recipe

Imelda imeliciouz says:

Looks amazing😋

Cronus 5'9 says:

Peak hairline

Blastix says:

dat harline LMAO

xiao zhuzhu says:

Look delicious

Somaya Hayes says:

I made this few times
With tuna , bacon , chicken …
all came out lovely
Thank you 😍

Rose Gold says:

Beautiful necklace

Yasmin Kasim says:

Tinned tomatoes
200c oven
Boiling water

bhavna bhudia says:

You can make any type of sauce with different ingredients and put cheese on top and bake. It will still taste sooo…good.

Chelle Smiddie says:

Love your kitchen & your channel

scott gooch says:

im trying to work out why it says jamie oliver are u related to jamie or friends or he sponsors this what is the connection?

Vincenzo's Plate says:

Wow, amazing😍

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