Herbed Tomato Basil Soup, EP 43

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“Cooking with the Blues”, Recipe – Vegan Tomato Basil Soup, Ep 43


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Rufus Chucklebutty says:

Make sure you scrape the aluminium pans to get the maximum amount of dementia causing metal in your customers food.

P S says:

Need more of Marsha's recipes😁👍

rustyoilburner says:

That fennel looks familiar….Like the other half was used in that excellent potato soup…..Which I made for company this weekend and they loved it! I added some cooked sweet sausage and broccoli after I whipped it… My new go too. Look forward to this Summer's road trip to Maine

Drago Sutalo says:

Save me some

Tim S. says:

Tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches. A
great meal.

cat lady says:

I've never been able to make cream soups until now because my daughter is lactose intolerant now I have the secret

Jon Carroll says:

Like the recipes. Love the daughters.

richlinlaw says:

Aluminum cookware has been banned in 6 European countries because all vegetables cooked in Aluminum produce hydroxide poison, which can produce stomach and gastrointestinal troubles, such as stomach ulcers and colitis.

richlinlaw says:

No oil needed…..😍

richlinlaw says:

Plant-based!!! Thanks Daddy Jack

Ramsey Gilbert says:

Marcia got a good T Soup. She handles mixer like a pro with that cashew cream.
Add an avacado next time. Yum

Mindent Tudó Nagyon Okos Trottyos Józsi Bácsi says:

Sperm Tomato Soup

Ima Sumac Watkins says:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Love this recipe!

Serge. Crispino says:

Your Daughter is absolutely GORGEOUS !! You are a lucky Man Daddy Jack !! Best wishes from Australia.

lazyjoe99 says:

Daddy Jacks coogin wit da blues 😁

DEErockP87 says:

hell ya! keep it interesting with more vegan dishes brother!

DiveTunes says:

Ohh mann, that looks good!

Jamie King says:

Oh dear Lord… Daddy Jack you look so good surrounded by big, self-assured, precious “Gor-elles” (as my Daddy called us😄)…We ran a family place, mostly for early mornin’ fishermen, but our fame was on Sunday…with only ‘family’ workin… my sister and I (the only college ‘edgeecated’ waitresses) would inveritably get in a fight!! With so much regularity, the fishermen said…breakfast is FREE…you pay $3 for the fight!”

batchagaloopyTV says:

big jack im a meatatarian but kale (and or spinach)and white bean soup is a awesome vegan soup delicous

Benzo L says:

Straight up comfort food! Awesome!

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