4 Easy Vegetarian Recipes

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4 easy and delicious vegetarian recipes that anyone can make. These recipes are unique, easy to prepare and perfect for any lunch and dinner. If are tired of making the same boring vegetarian pasta dishes and salads, you defiantly should try these tasty recipes.

Printable Recipes: https://www.thecookingfoodie.com/recipe/4-Easy-Vegetarian-Recipes

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Gee x says:

Curry puffs? Isnt that just simosas

mfaulknor89 says:

What's with the nutmeg

Laura Ferguson says:

Love d cabbage pie gonna try n make sometime soon thanks for sharing

Maria Da Silva says:

Muy deliciosas😋

Maria Da Silva says:

Muy sabrosos😋

Maria Da Silva says:

Mmmm que ricas

Maria Da Silva says:

Me gustó mucho que delicias😋

jelly bean says:

00:00 stuffed pasta shells with ricotta


Shayna Wimble says:

wondering to try some of veggies from veggies cook book but needs so much of vegebles hope it cook better now, thanks for showing receipe here too.. tell me why that eggg wash & eggs issss doing in vegebles receipe huh!?….

Cook With Aaima says:

Delicious 🤤🤤

Patricia Hartless says:

Thank you for sharing your vegetable dishes. Each one looks so yummy. You have a great day.

kreftegleichgewicht says:

Ill cook it and give it my piggy so if im butchering it it will be fat and nice.

sadaf naz says:

yummy .looks delicious


What kind/brand of frying pan are they using?

rinku choudhary says:

Egg substitute please in last 2 recipes.

أم أولآدي says:

Plz name of vegan chocolat

Em Yung says:

Come to think of it, I have not made stuffed shells in quite a while. Pretty sure I will try your other recipes also. Those curry puffs look delicious 😋

Wassim Dani says:


Ammara Foods Hub says:

So nice, Superb very yummy dishes.

Siranoush Malkhasian says:


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