Day 2 on my VEGAN diet

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this time it’s actually VEGAN

New vegan recipes for my vegan week challenge


Gokul Tenshi says:

Life isn't a fantasy

DOREI says:


Jan Pham says:

Eating soup with a fork.

Everybody is a Cultist says:

Daniel brother, I love you… But your priorities are ridiculous. You're worried about kissing girls when there is a disease spreading and killing people. Your life is important. Think about it, how will you kiss girls if you're dead from the virus. Do what is best for your survival. Get your shit together!

jane Doe says:

you already failed on day 1 when you ate the cheese.

Rebecca W says:

Come to Sweden! There's plenty of Asian exchange students in Uppsala.

Ang says:

You can have cheese as long as it is plant-based, Daniel.

Painfully Average says:

Imagine your whole life revolving around how well u do on tinder 😭 fucking clown

Tracy S says:

Don't go back to Japan, just go back to UK, save up and buckle down as the 'you know what' pass.

サンlI says:

Will you make a video of your thoughts on veganism after the weeks over?

Natasya &Darrell says:

why are you treating corona virus like voldermort? 🤣 “you know what” ?? come to Indonesia.. we havent got any “you know what” yet 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tollund Man says:

daniel just try being gay again why the fuck not, it'll get views

My Own Way says:

I think England is the place to go back to. Beautiful countryside, big cities, rivers, lakes, castles, mansions, gardens, cafes, lots of different breakfast cereals, lots of content possibilities..

MagikGimp says:

Next video: I went back to England and now I'm quarantined for two weeks. This has had no impact on my life whatsoever.

MagikGimp says:

WTF is he doing? I don't eat tofu but aren't you supposed to fully drain it by compressing it? Shouldn't the veg (and tofu for that matter) be fried? Did he read the instructions on the packet at all?? Why do I even care…….

Nombre Apellido says:

Qué cuajo debe de tener tu 'admiradora' española…

Skylar Lee says:

Dont come to Japan now. You cant even buy the toilet papers here now… people are freaking out and we are running out of everything that is made from pulp. Its not really safe to be in Japan at this point the situation is not that different in here. Think its better to go back to England for sure.

Fummy says:

Being vegan in Asia must be hard.

NiecyBoooo says:

Hi Daniel. I think you should go home to Mom's first and like you said take care of priorities and save some money then decide what next. Whatever you decide I wish you well. 🙂

Anja says:

How do you get in a relationship with someone whom you don't like, or even marry them. xD

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