Courgette & Quorn Mince Lasagne Recipe | Quorn

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Find out how to make a delicious Courgette and Quorn Mince Lasagne, using our easy recipe to enjoy meat free alternatives with Quorn. Get inspired by our many quick and easy meat-free recipes here:


Rob McFadyen says:

Looks good!! One criticism would be that the transitions between ingredients and methods are really fast/quick

Maryum Talks says:

am going to make this tmwrw can't wait to try for first time

theblesi96 says:

Ey i from Colombia and i've seen what you do, maybe you have not considered selling your products here ? because it's awesome

Cookery Kids says:

We use Quorn a lot and like how you have so many different forms of Quorn that can be used in almost any recipe. On cookery kids we are planning to do a breakfast muffin using your patties 🙂

Travis Heckstall says:

Delicious! I love the texture… of these Quorn products !! I also buy Soy Boca, and Morning Star stuff ! There are also " Beast Burgers" , made from pea protein! They are also good!…. Thanks Quorn ! :))

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