Perfect Roast Potatoes – Gary's Perfect Christmas – BBC

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Gary Rhodes shows us how to produce the perfect roast potatoes to accompany the turkey on Christmas Day.

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Turbot Face says:

Rest in peace Gary.

mireah says:

Eeekkk sometimes Googling can be scary.

I see where she's going with the semolina now. I'm guessing she most likely does use some oil too. It'll be like bread crumbs in a way. Ta for the tip, I'll have to try it sometime.

mireah says:

How does she use semolina instead of fat?

mireah says:

yup, King Edward are v nice roasted.

RaindropsFantasia says:

Yeah, a lovely crunch on the outside, and nice and fluffy inside, although depends on the potatoes you buy obv, King Edward are my preferred choice 😀

mireah says:

that's just making my mouth drool. A nice roast potato, not soggy, not even slightly. Yum

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