Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes for Rookies

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Are you a new cooking this yearly feast? Here’s everything you need to know to pull this meal off like a seasoned pro!

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“No-Fuss” Turkey – 02:36
Vegetarian Stuffing – 09:28
Candied Yam Casserole – 11:34
French Green Beans with Shallot Butter – 13:38
Apple Raisin Crumble – 15:15
The Game Plan – 17:24


“No-Fuss” Turkey –

Vegetarian Stuffing –

Candied Yam Casserole –

French Green Beans with Shallot Butter –

Apple Raisin Crumble –



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Susanne Nielsen says:

That gravy looked sad!

Diana Kronfli says:

Thank you a perfect video. Thx a million. Lovely.

Pierre de Beer says:

i want to win i am from south africa i want to host my family and ferinds

Marie says:

Came across your channel by chance. It’s contents are informative, simple, and pleasant to watch. I’m a new subscriber, everyone should.😃

Jason Phillips says:

Omg you need to marry me, you wouldn’t happen to have a fishing boat and a lot of money would you?im so in love😉

Prairie Palmetto Journey says:

This is really very helpful, particularly the game plan segment.

Alexander Cowan says:

Anyone using this menu in 2019? lol

Shemly Lyttle says:

Love your recipes .would like to win from guyana

Chloe Moore says:

I'm Thankful For Your Recipes For Success Cooking And Baking


Maayong Aga says:

Wow best Thanksgiving cooking and advice. I'm always get caught up by guests. They arrived before I even put a food in the table.😅
I'll take your advice.

Tee Lewis says:

😊 It's time💜🙏💯😁👌🏾🥰 thanks.

Paula R.Davis says:

This well be our familys first Thanksgiving together as a family since my lil sister passed so this year I would like to get all my mothers kids n grandkids n great grandkids to have a dinner to give thanks for life for family.. We have some but still need some extra stuff.. Thank you so much God bless

Jana Pennington says:

Wow! Amazing video! You covered everything I need to know for a Thanksgiving celebration. I just purchased your recommended basic tools. Love your Amazon shop! I just checked out your 2019 garden channel also! By the way I did see a video saying dental floss works to tie turkey legs (cooking rope $$ I noticed). You truly bring an old world meets new to a great Holiday! Love your family photos! We are looking forward to a great family meal! Love all you do! Hey everyone- this lady is awesome!! Thanks so much!

Nilsa LaoAcevedo says:

I am a grandma now. This will be my first year in decades to cook a thnaksgiving dinner and have my children and gandchildren around. I am blessed. I thought I would never have this time again. Thank you for your information. To the point. Nilsa

jennykokoful says:

I gave birth to two babies in the past 2 years and ready to celebrate my new family with new cooking skills!

Rita Boskovski says:

I want to win so I can host the holiday dinner for family /friends. I already have the 16lb turkey. I love Thanksgiving for great food!
It's My turn to cook & I'll use Beth's great tips to succeed – thanks for all the help!!! – Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Anita Williams says:

Hi kin my name is Anita i would love to be a host for thanksgiving i don't have thanksgiving with my mom & family all the time its been a long time since we've been together for turkey day just want to thankfully blessed to see another holiday in a long time with my love one thank you love Anita Williams

budmangt2 says:

Stuffing isn't stuffing unless it's cooked in the turkey.

loves to bake says:

Since losing my momma I will be cooking for our family and cherishing every moment with them. So thankful for the time with them, that is however what Thanksgiving is all about… family and being thankful❤️ I love this channel and I have learned so much, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blessings may you all have a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love❤️

loveslalo says:

my heart melted when she was writing the names for seat arrangement😂😩

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